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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 7: Quan's reQuest
Following the battle and a good rest, the party prepared for their trip to Samarah. It would be the last stop for the party before leaving the estuary for the sea of silt. Unfortunately, their hope for a quick stop was met with distractions in the form of one of Crusher's old acquaintances.

Quan One-Eye needed the party's help to save his kidnapped son from a group of house Tsalaxa slavers. The party was reluctant to help until Malla explained that the Templar who killed her mother was from house Tsalaxa. With that said, Harbek was on board and the others didn't want to wait in Samarah for a few days.

Quan's friend Avgar supplied the party with war crodlu and the party was off across the desert. The first day's trek was easy, prompting an extended push into the night. When they did finally stop, rest came quickly and, along with it, an ambush by belgoi!

Jingle bells! Jingle bells!

Although the belgoi made a solid attempt at capturing the party, they were utterly outmatched and quickly put down. With the caller being silenced, any remaining belgoi made a quick escape not to be heard from again.

The next day was hot, but otherwise an easy travel. At least, it was easy until Harbek began to notice pools of ash scattered about the landscape. "Defilers." the dwarf said, as he pointed to a pair of humans mounted upon braxat juveniles. The humans bore Tsalaxa sigils and appeared to be scouts. They were nearing the fort.

Solaris shouted in rage and led the charge. While his assault was mostly successful, both Crusher and Sanguine found the Braxat to be quite the impediment. It took the party working closely together to bring down both the defilers and the braxat. Sanguine considered it a good learning experience for when she got her revenge on Praetor Haraxes.

I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!

With the defilers bleeding out and both braxat broken, Malla suggested they find a place to rest and mend their wounds before approaching the fort.

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