Bad Day at Blackroc
Much less tired and wounded than most of his companions, and having no interest in the interrogation of the tiefling woman, Crusher volunteered to help the surviving guardsmen clear the rubble and corpses from the battle. He had never been big on manual labor, but today it seemed almost relaxing after the hectic fight.

They worked through the early evening, ignoring the muffled sounds coming from the silt skimmer's hold. The guardsmen seemed in awe of him, whispering about how he had attacked the giant Skull Wearer bare-handed. Crusher tried to break the tension with a joke. "By the time I got to him, his own weapon was broken, so it only seemed fair! Besides, I less fighting him and more hanging on for dear life, hoping to distract him to let my companions get by him." In truth, Crusher knew he had been fortunate that Pak'cha had shattered the giant's axe, and that the others had somehow broken the defiler's control. Otherwise, things could have gone much worse for him.

The others laughed nervously at this. Soon they got into the rythm of working together, they seemed a little more comfortable around him. Crusher listened to the guardsmen speculate about the purpose of the attack. He didn't understand it very well himself, and decided to ask Pak'cha later to see if the wise bug had any insight.

Crusher caught two of the soldiers muttering to each other where they thought he couldn't hear them. "Did you see that woman fall from the bridge? On fire, and she was down in the silt long enough that I was sure she was a goner, but when they pulled her out she was still alive! Ain't natural. And they travel with a devil-man and one of them man-eating bugs too. I know they saved us and all, but I'll be glad enough to see them sent on their way." They quickly shut up and at least had the grace to look embarassed when they caught Crusher glaring at them.

He hoped they hadn't noticed his involuntary shudder when they had mentioned Sanguine. He knew how much she hated enclosed spaces, and he could only imagine how much worse being diving in the silt had been for her. What was she going through, and what would it do to her self-control. Self-control that's the only thing keeping her from killing and devouring us all.

The sudden thought took Crusher aback. He realized that he had been less afraid charging Skull Wearer than he was now of Sanguine. He'd been keeping his distance from her, and had never allowed her to feed from him, even though he had seen his other companions suffer no lasting harm from it. And now he felt too afraid to seek her out and see how she was doing, even though he knew she could be suffering terribly. For the first time in his life, Crusher felt like a coward, and he didn't know what to do about it.
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Damn! Another awesome post! You guys are spoiling me!
Psh. So Solaris is the pretty boy that they all love, and the rest of us are just rabid dogs? :P
Pak'cha meets Crusher, and quietly asks him in Thri-Kreen "So... What was the deal with all the power, and defilers, and stuff? Isn't this supposed to be a fort? I don't trust them. They are weak, and foolish."