Bloodsworn II
Harbek didn't know what lie beyond the veil of the defilers. Their tangible magic, but also their soul, remained a mystery. It didn't matter to Harbek, one way or the other. His intent was clear. And end. An end to the misery and suffering of both innocents and fools alike. He had been too slow in getting to them, and in the process, allowed it to continue for too long. It's as if he had forgotten what it was first like to fight this war.


Harbek was dumping a bucket-full of coal on the loading platform, when he first saw him. The cackle emanated from beneath a dark hood. The air felt like it thickened for a moment before the burst of ethereal energy. The summoner's allies cried out. Some look surprised, others even had rage in their eyes for the scrawny sorcerer. It didn't matter, the deed was done.

The tar moved, not gushed. In awe of such a rare sight, the real threat was unexpected. Panic took over at first, before the value of their own lives were realized to them. Picks, shovels and pry bars were tools of the trade.

Harbek grabbed a hatchet from the chopping block. Pulling the ropes on the bucket taught, he jumped at the demon-spawn. Side by side with friends he fought. Confidence welled up in the pack of dwarfs fighting with Harbek. The demon was losing size every moment. More so with the fire from the arrow, an not fired from one of the guards. The murderous minion's munition set the dwarfs ablaze too. The coal-rich dust did little to end their agony. Harbek charged the archer, shoving him down into the pit. He looked up to catch the summoner walking out of sight, and started his ascent to find him.


These demons were already ablaze. Harbek pushed with all his might to make room. He would not let himself be distracted by these scorching spawns. His reason for being up here lie ahead. Anamis was already invested, and Harbek couldn't aid. His training was failing him, but his memories were returning to him.

"NOT NOW. NOT EVER." he screamed. Ignoring the last evil ember, he dove through the veil. Summoning all his strength, he knew what was needed. "My life to end yours! Never return to this land..." The essence of the land empowered Harbek to focus his lifespirit into the portal. The beastly being caught sight of Harbek's broken smile, as the portal closed. Remaining motionless as the giant approached to investigate, Harbek savored this victory.
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"Y'know, kid, I used to be a lot like you", the old dwarf offered some of the now dwindling supply of broy to Harbek, "Now, that's not to say I had some mystical power or 'nuthin. But in my youth I was full of life. I figured that if I ever got my chance, I'd pick up my shovel and give ol' Porkins a new face. Porkins was the whipmaster, y'see. He'd beat us good from time to time. So, anyway, this one day I'm out diggin' a ditch for the crops and I sees ol' Porkins laying into Thortic pretty good. I's standing behind him and I'm thinkin', Dain this is your chance"

"I took a step forward and raised my shovel up, only to step on a bramble weed. I yelped, which of course brought Porkin's attention to me. He whipped me good that day. Once I was beaten sufficiently, he cut off my small-finger to ensure I'd never hold a weapon solid again and threw me in a hotbox for a few days. Broke my spirits."

Dain finishes his broy and looks into his cup, "I'd like t'think that iffn' I hadn't stepped on that brambleweed, I'd have turned out a bit more like you're gonna. A lot of dwarves act like they're going to make a diff'rence, and most end up getting the whip. You have it in you to actually do it. Aww, hell, I went and got tipsy on broy."

Dain stumbles off singing an old dwarven drinking song...