Rollin' on the River
The trip down the estuary was not a pleasant one for Crusher. Faced with a choice between the cramped hold of the skimmer and the intense heat of the sun on the open deck, he stewed in boredom.

The attack by the ssurans provided some much appreciated excitement, but it was over all too quickly when the raiders fled in the face of the oncoming sand storm. Spending the next several hours huddling in the even-more-cramped hold, and the next day digging out the skimmer, made Crusher's earlier boredom seem like paradise in contrast.

When they arrived at Blackroc, the sight of the attack on the fort promised Crusher a chance to relieve his frustrations. He eyed the giant leader, festooned with the skulls of defeated enemies, as Pak'cha discussed tactics.

"Pak'cha, if you and Harbek can hold off the beast-men, I'll take on the big one." He pondered what holds and take-downs in his repertoire might have a chance of working against a foe of that size, and then glanced at his other companions. "I may need some back-up for this one."
Session: Chapter 6: Session 19 - Sunday, Jan 06 2013 from 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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Harbek looks up at crusher and gives him a firm nod.
Pak'cha clicks his mandibles in eager anticipation. He glances sidelong at Harbek and nods as well at Crusher. "We'll keep them off you- and help if we can."