Crusher and Pak'Cha met in the training ring after Solaris and Malla were finished. The thri-kreen eyed the human curiously. "So, you wish to learn the Way?"

Crusher shrugged. "I don't know about all that. I just want to learn to fight the way that you do. No weapons to break or be taken from you, just your own strength and skill pitted against your enemy." He thought back to how good it had felt going up against Granikkus with his bare hands.

Pak'Cha replied, "There is more to it than just your physical ability. Tell me, do you have any Talent at all?"

"Well, not much, but..." Crusher's face screwed up in effort as he began to concentrate on a nearby rock, and sweat broke along his brow. Before long the rock rose unsteadily a few feet into the air.

Pak'Cha made a strange chittering sound that Crusher recognized as thri-kreen laughter. Crusher felt a heat rise in his face, and he let the stone drop. Pak'Cha spoke gently, "You will never be a master of the Way. But that does not mean it is completely hopeless. There is a foundation there that we can begin to work on, however small. First we will need to find a focus for you, an object that you can use to channel your Talent and make it more potent. Like so." Pak'Cha held out a stone, and flames began to dance along his multiple limbs.

"Hmm, I might have something that could work." Crusher had recently invested some of his new-found wealth in old Bazraag's tavern in North Ledopolus. Bazraag had sent him back a package with a couple of things from his own gladiatorial days; he had heard that Crusher had come out of retirement for a match, and thought they might help him in future matches. One was an amulet that was supposed to increase a gladiator's endurance in the arena. The other was an old bazraag fang that didn't do anything special but Baz had used for years as a good-luck charm. Crusher pulled out the fang. "Will this do?"

"Yes, as long as you can form a mental connection to it it will do. Now let us begin..."
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