Dear Harbek,
I received your letter and package via courier. I am very grateful for your contribution to the cause. It is extremely generous, and will be a boon to a great many deal of our warriors. You were always very passionate about our issue, and I can see that my training was not in vain. I take it you are doing well working for this merchant, I will do what I can to gather some background on this individual you mentioned. Your letter was very vague as to why he peaked your interest, but considering your contribution, it's very fair.

Sad story about the Balic-based group you told me. Do not blame yourself for this loss, you did what you could. We should be able to recuperate our losses with what you gave. Also in return for your generous contribution, I have sent some items of interest that you requested, plus an old training item of yours. I hope this will solidify our long-standing relationship, and your future contributions. Your aid is needed more than ever. You have a good heart, strong will and courageous soul. They will lead you to victory my friend.


Harbek looked up from the letter, nodding with content, and sighing with relief that he had received a return letter from his old mentor. Walking back towards his bunk, he rummaged through the package. In it was an amulet that held the life and spirit of the land, a sleek pair of form-fitting boots and an old belt that Harbek used to train in his younger years. He had enjoyed his time in the merchant group, and would continue to profit. Although, he never forgot what he set out to accomplish. His failure to help the Alliance group in Balic weighed heavy on his mind, and so he had chosen to rekindle an old friendship.
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