The Slithering Coast
To be reported to Pathfinder Society when possible.

Backstabbing gnome leads us to squibber in the Slithering Coast. Squibber, named Rickety, agrees to do job if we first burn down rival. Went up river to have Naga cast spell on us to prevent us from disclosing that Rickety behind our dastardly deed, on way fought giant wasps and crocodiles. On way back, collected tar, appears that tar bombs key weapon used by local pirates.

In small boat to ambush rival squibber, caught off guard by sudden storm and destroyed boat while losing bard guide. Nevertheless successfully burned rival squib-yard. Faced many magical enemies -- is it common practice for local squibs and other merchants to ally with wizard or other spellcaster (e.g. Naga)? Left with stolen goods on stolen boat belonging to wizard. Many, many potions of Blur as well as a magical masthead. Fortune favors the bold, especially in the Shackles.

Had a Turtle tattooed upon my shoulder, now have a ghostly guardian? So strange and yet effective.

While ship being squibbed, have time to explore. Look forward to learning more about the Slithering Coast. Fascinating place for an explorer and soldier of fortune such as myself. Traveling companions not bad either.
Session: Fragrant Harbor 05: Under Way - Saturday, Dec 08 2012 from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM
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