Here, does this mean I've been ordained?
Work for the Church Officially now. Only, I think its also supposed to be a secret... The Deacon took me, Pob, Harker and Leonaa (correct me if I'm wrong there) aside and asked us if we would work for the church more directly, if more discretely. This artifact we recovered from the underground altar seems to have got their knickers all in a twist, and they are apparently sending us out to try and recover more of these artifacts now. Details are all a little hazy, even the Deacon seemed a little vague on the details when we talked to him, but I imagine we will sort things out as we go.
The whole situation has certainly gained my interest, and I must admit I am curious to find out what the first artifact was. They are being extremely mealy-mouthed about it all, and I have never been able to resist a secret.
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