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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 5: Brawl at the Silty Dawg
Sanguine found Praetor Sarhan to be quite charming, when he wasn't torturing and subjugating the people of Ledopolus. He offered the party a job to locate a silver mine in the sea of silt. Sanguine didn't accept, but she did keep the offer in consideration.

Meanwhile, Granikkus, the current champion of the blood games, spent his time at the party goading Crusher into a match of champions. Crusher was hardly swayed, seeing how he had nothing to prove to the young upstart. It was then that Sarhan approached them, taking notice of Harbek. While he was certain that Harbek and his friends were responsible for the failings in North Ledopolus, he was up against the clever wit of Harbek. After a brief round of grueling interrogation, all the Praetor could confirm was that Harbek was likely affected by sun-sickness.

After the party had wrapped up, Oulestes came to Sanguine with a proposition. House Tomblador was into some shady dealings of late, and it looked like they planned on taking over House Thestis' business. If Sanguine could steal the seneschal's ledger Oulestes could take measures to counter their plans. It was all a bunch of political crap that was barely interesting to Sanguine, but the offer of payment and a favor was quite enticing. That would have to wait, however, as the party had other plans.

That evening Crusher, Sanguine, Harbek, and Pak'Cha walked into the Silty Dawg with one goal; kill all sum'bitches. It was a simple goal, but a well thought out plan -- what could go wrong? The shifting sands members were unprepared for the ambush and were nearly all slaughtered before their leader, Clubb, intervened. During the struggle, Clubb let slip that he was working under orders from the Veiled Alliance, not that the party cared much. He wasn't going to surrender and instead chose to run. Sanguine attempted to follow, but the dwarf was quite slippery.

However, Sanguine did have an idea of where he might be going and the party made a quick escape to Markk's Tannery. Inside, they were going to prepare ambush, but were encountered by a cell of Alliance members. Sanguine tried to lie and turn the alliance against Clubb, to no avail.

Just as the alliance members were drawing their weapons, Harbek stepped forward and offered to help diffuse the situation...
Session: Session 16 - Sunday, Dec 02 2012 from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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