That feels better
For the first time since sacrificing himself to help take down the Vrok Philbont felt alive - sodden, but alert and able to process what was going on around him.
Submerging himself in the holy font had been a gamble, but one that paid off - he no longer felt as close to deaths door, indeed he felt invigorated by his dip in the cleansing waters. Feeling a little guilty at alarming his companions with his sudden jump into the pool, Philbont assured them he was fine and everyone turned their attention to the altar in the room.

Things were a bit strange though. Last he remembered clearly he was tying rope round that statue that came alive. Now everyone was in a small temple-room in the depths beneath the temple they had been tasked to destroy, and this Altar was designed to hold something inside...

Cracking open the Altar the group found inside a relic of some sort - something that was covered and bound in seals of gold.
The group decided that it should be returned to the Church of St Cuthbert, that it must be some holy item the temple above was built over to hide... and now that it was uncovered it shouldn't be left exposed where it was found.

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