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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 5: Home Alone
Arriving at the Dusty Jewel, Solaris got to work, quickly going over the schedule of shipments along with the costs and expected taxes. Varis, in his usual paranoid manner, grabbed a few slaves and set up a 24 hour watch post. Whether or not it was necessary, it seemed to calm the twitchy elf. Meanwhile, Sanguine and Crusher were preparing for a quick gorak hunting trip.

Before they headed out, however, Solaris had come upon a map detailing the location of a silk wyrm nest. If they could successfully harvest some silk, that could lead to some further trades. And, if possible, maybe they could even capture the wyrm!

The gorak hunting was very successful, and the heroes quickly set out to the silk wyrm nest. Crusher and Sanguine began harvesting the silk while Solaris and Varis kept an eye out for any wyrms. While the elf spotted some of the younger wyrms, the mother was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, before they could get out of the nest, the silk wyrm adult attacked! She swooped in and scattered the party, focusing much of her strikes on Varis, keeping his arrows from harming her young. When she had Solaris and Varis subdued, she turned her attention to the vampire and gladiator. Both struggled to take advantage, as the wyrm was more than a challenge, but the tide changed when Varis rejoined the fight. Solaris got the elf on his feet before putting his psionics up against the wyrm's impressive psychic talents.

When all was said and done, the Wyrm lay unconscious with the bloodied heroes victorious. Varis was able to mix a poultice that slavers use to keep their victims subdued. He hoped it would work on the wyrm. Meanwhile, Sanguine used her heavy robes as a sack to cover the wyrm's head. They would have to travel by night, so as to avoid the sun's harmful effects on the vampire...
Session: Session 14 - Sunday, Nov 18 2012 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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