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Temple of Elemental Evil
The adventure so far...
Zhanna Bogomolov, Tundin Mar, Brandis, and Dire McCann rode to the Village of Hommlet from the Wooly Coast, having heard of the potential for fame and riches to be had in the land. They arrived at the village at mid-morning and paid the stable boy to care for their horses while they inquired at the inn for sustenance and leads.

While enjoying a pre-lunch repast, the party encountered a treasure finder, Furnok of Fend, who offered his services to the group for a share of the find. Having been in the area several days, his knowledge had the potential of helping the party, as did his unknown skills. The party agreed and, after a short trip to the trade post for supplies, the group headed toward the moathouse on foot.

After many hours, they finally arrived at the moathouse. Being late afternoon, the group felt it apt to make a quick assessment of the area and the fort itself. As they approached closer, they heard splashing and noticed several pairs of eyes looking at them from a small pond. While discussing what to do, six giant frogs crawled from the water onto the edge of the pond. Tundin attempted to intimidate them while Brandis and Zhanna provided support. Dire and Furnock attempted to flank the frogs, in case the situation turned for the worse.

The situation took a turn for the worse. The frogs jumped from the pond towards the group; three of the smaller frogs attacked Tundin while one of the larger ones was able to capture Zhanna with its tongue. The second larger frog attempted to grab Brandis with its tongue but failed to get purchase on Brandis' shield.

Zhanna dropped her bow and attacked the tongue with her dagger, causing only minor damage. Brandis was more successful, cleaving the tongue in half. Tundin stepped forward to attack but stumbled when he stepped in a hole; he was subsequently knocked to the ground by two of the smaller frogs, one chewing on his head while the other clung to his back. Dire and Furnock approached quietly and made attacks from the rear.

Dire was able to land an attack on the back of one frog, splitting its back apart and killing it instantly. Furnock wasn't as successful. While Zhanna recovered from being attacked, Brandis had problems of his own as the other large frog was able to stick its tongue onto Brandis' back, dragging him towards its mouth.

Brandis was able to turn around and grab the tongue, preventing the frog from eating him. Meanwhile, Tundin lost his chainmail cowl to the frog biting his head, but Dire was able to kill the one on his back.

Zhanna pierced the skull of a smaller frog with her dagger, then the other small frog lost its leg to Dire. As Dire chased the three-legged frog back to the pond, the rest of the group ganged up on the last, larger frog and killed it.

Once everyone caught their breath, Brandis decided he wanted the frog meat for later so he started cutting them up. While cleaning out the innards, he found a small amethyst gem.

The group moved back to the main road to recover, spending nearly 12 hours encamped while Tundin recovered enough cure light wounds spells to heal those who needed it, particularly himself.

The next morning, the group finally made it inside the moathouse and proceeded immediately up the courtyard stairs. Upon entering the great hall, they proceeded down the southern corridor, entering the rooms as they came to them. They were able to locate a concealed broadsword in one room but nothing else was found.

In the southern wing's main room, a giant snake approached the party as they were preparing to leave. Thinking quickly, Dire moved back into the hallway to hide in shadows, as Tundin's lantern was in the room. However, Tundin decided to drop the hood on the lantern, plunging the room into virtual darkness (there was still some light coming in via the arrow slits and broken wall).

Having lost most of his lighting, Tundin failed in his attack on the snake and nailed Brandis in the back of his shoulder, causing severe damage and resulting in Brandis being ineffective in his attack. The snake was bloodied but still strong.

Dire was able to successfully backstab the snake, achieving a perfect hit and neatly severing the snake's head. Furnock didn't have a chance to move around the room and flank the snake, and Zhanna was only able to use her crossbow once.

Moving to back to the great hall, the party went down the western corridor, again opening doors as they came to them. When they entered the kitchen, Brandis saw a cask on the far wall and headed straight for it. As he approached, a giant tick attacked him from a nearby fireplace and was able to bite him on his neck.

Tundin tried to pull it off but was unsuccessful. Dire pushed Tundin aside, grasped the tick, and ripped it off Brandis' neck, throwing it against the wall. As it lay there, Dire approached it, ready to stomp on it, but it recovered and ran straight for Brandis again.

This time, it climbed up his leg and was able to find an unarmoured area in his crotch, whereupon it proceeded to pierce his skin. As he screamed in pain, the rest of the group tried desperately to remove the tick. At one point, he had three hands groping under his armour for the creature.

Dire, being more forthright, decided to forego man-handling Brandis and aimed to kick the insect off Brandis' leg. Unfortunately for Brandis, Dire missed. The full-force kick lifted Brandis off the ground several inches, followed by him landing heavily on the ground, clutching his groin.

Realizing it might be easier to get at the tick with Brandis on the ground, the others again proceeded to try to remove the tick, aided by the fact the Brandis had finally passed out. The tick couldn't be removed by prying it off, so Tundin placed his lantern on the tick's back, attempting to burn it off.

Within a minute, the tick fell off and ran towards the fireplace. Dire chased it, trying to kill it but it escaped up the chimney. Brandis was still unconcious, so the group decided to remain in the kitchen until Tundin was able to heal Brandis sufficiently to proceed.

After Brandis recovered, the party went through the western doors into the barracks, where they were immediately attacked by a giant lizard. The lizard took a large chunk out of Dire's side, but then slipped on the pool of blood as it lunged for Brandis. Brandis easily defeated it, leaving Tundin able to attend to Dire.

While Dire recovered, the others found a chest in the room. Fearing for traps, the group waited until Dire was well enough to inspect it. In the meantime, Brandis cut open the lizard for more meat and found a metal shield in its stomach. Intending to ascertain its worth later, Brandis placed the shield on his back.

When Dire was able to look at the chest, he didn't find any traps or locks, so he opened it. Inside he found a crossbow, a suit of scale male, and a box of crossbow bolts.

After recovering this loot, the party proceeded back to the great hall and went to the northeast door. Finding it locked, Dire attempted to pick it but was unsuccessful. Not having any other suitable weapons, Brandis used Tundin's mace to smash through the door. After ten minutes, he was able to make a hole large enough to fit an arm through to unlock the door.

Before unlocking the door, the group could see what appeared to be the remains of a recent fire in the room's fire place and possibly a bedroll in a corner. Carefully, they opened the door and entered the room.

Unfortunately, nine men were waiting in ambush, hiding behind various furniture and in the corners. The men surprised the party, nearly killing Dire with a javelin and Tundin with a polearm.

Brandis gallantly provided a strong defense, allowing Zhanna and Furnock to retrieve the others' bodies and take them back into the great hall. Brandis followed, then closed the door, holding it closed against the attempts of the men to open it.

While holding it closed, Brandis heard one of the men inside yelling, "Run to the front! Run to the front!". Realizing that at least some of the men in the room would be using a broken wall to exit the room and attack the party from behind, Brandis wisely thought to use the rope in his backpack to tie off the door, preventing it from being opened.

Zhanna and Furnock tied off the rope while Brandis held it closed. Once it was secured, the three started poking their weapons through the hole in the door, mortally wounding one of the men.

Again thinking fast, Brandis took his shield and propped it against the door with his staff, preventing the men in the room from attacking or seeing them. Once that was done, the three remaining characters grabbed the two unconscious ones and ran for the snake room. The intention was to escape out of the fort via the room's crumbled wall while the men attempting to flank them ran to the drawbridge.

Luckily, the group was able to make their escape and successfully returned to Hommlet. When attempting to have their compatriots healed at the Church, they found the cost to be too great so they decided to pawn some of their treasure and simply rest up at the Inn for a week.
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