Onward, horn here we come.
Ebolcorac found the mountain and are climb towards the top.
Surprisingly, we found corn on the top. Followed the wind towards the water and found the cave entrance.
Just waiting for night fall so the moon can show us the way. The moon beam lighted up a magical path underwater to what we think is were the horn is located.
Igneel dived in right away and Elari had a rope tied to her then dove in. Oblivious to the rest of us, Igneel and Elari were fighting a monstrous octopus thing. Elari found the horn attached to the head of the creature and tore it off. Igneel kept the creature occupied while Elari swam to the shore. The creature pursued and came out of the water to retrieve the horn.
Igneel had a little trouble but the creature used him as a weapon. As everyone was leaving, the creature lashed out one final time and caught flea before he could escape. The creature ended up digesting flea and he became no more. Poor dead Flea.
The question now is - how, when and where do we blow the horn.
Session: Game Session 10-30-12 - Tuesday, Oct 30 2012 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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