There is a new sheriff in town.
The world has a new feel to it as though the great power has passed on to another great power.
What ever the powers are doing, we are but pawns in the great game of life. Well, Ebolcorac continues on toward the mysterious caves. Along the way we came across a couple of fellow adventurers who were having trouble with their wagon.
We decided to help for exchange of information about the caves. They told us about an old man in a cave who spoke in riddles. If we could decipher the riddles maybe we could find valuable info. We continued until we found a sign that said
That really intrigued us instead of scaring us. We came upon an old man who said that he was imprisoned behind the entrance to the cave.
There was a symbol above his cave that kept him a prisoner. After much conversation we figured out that he had the information of the location to the horn if we agreed to free him afterwards. Still, unsure of him but we put on our riddle caps and answered his riddle.
. Corn on a mt, follow the wind, find the water and wait for the moon to show us the way. Easy. Well, we smashed the symbol of holding. The old riddler twirled into a mist of smoke and disappeared into the winds.
Session: Game Session 10-30-12 - Tuesday, Oct 30 2012 from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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