My God, Its that damned L...
Gilbert now, He'll have to make sure these young ones get through this alive.

Now, What happened?

Oh that's right.

The rope. I hope it helped. Last thing I remember is falling hoping that I could pull the damned thing down to the podium. Guess I'll never know now...

<fade to black>[/font]



This can't be the Halls can it? I think I can hear the kids complaining. Surely they wouldn't be here. Not that they aren't nice kids, but the afterlife for a Dwarf wouldn't be the kind of place a human or elven soul would find solace...


Oh, I'm still here. Well, that's unexpected. Looks like we all made it. Surprising, thought the Youngin's would have more trouble with a demon than that. I must have taken more out of it that I realized.
Good girl that priestie is, too. Knew what I was up to there. Might not have worked if she hadn't helped; I was working on a wing and a prayer. Still, don't need to tell them that.
Gods, I'm tired. Think I'll go to sleep now.....
[FONT="Garamond;"><Fade to Black>
By Moradins Saggy Left Testicle! What in the Blazing Hells is that thing? The boys can't touch it with their weapons! I can't... Oh sod it, Take this you sodding black bastard....!

<fade to black... again>
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