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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 4: The Road of Legions
The road to Balic was a nice departure from the struggles of the past few weeks. The crodlu did their job well, and made up for the lost time in Ledopolus. In fact, the only struggles so far came in the form of a stampede of raging inix, sent in to a fury by a hungry cilops!

Has anyone seen my contact? It fell out over here...

Unfortunately for the cilops, Sanguine was in no mood for distractions. One deep slash of her talon-like hands and the beast was skittering about while oozing defiled blood.

After scaring off the inix, the party salvaged some of the cilops for future use and continued their journey toward the City of Silt. On the third day, Varis spotted some Tarek on a nearby cliff, performing some sort of exile on one of their kin. After much debate, the party decided to investigate and tended to the dying Tarek's wounds.

Claybo was his name, once a shaman to his tribe, and soothsayer of the Jabahl Sagh. He was exiled in favor of Thur'roq, a follower of the fire god, Ramah. Claybo accepted party's offer to take him to Balic, as he had nowhere else to go. The party now numbered eight as they continued onward.

Just as they were reaching eyesight of Balic's alabaster walls, Varis caught wind of a putrid smell. The rotting carcass of a Mekillot waited around a curve in the road. Surrounding the beast's body was an entire flock of Kestrekel. Varis readied an arrow, but was hit by something else! A spider cactus ensnared the elf and began pulling him closer and closer. Before anyone could react, a giant kestrekel alpha sprung up from the mekillot's gullet and roared in anger. The other kestrekel followed suit and the party was soon under attack.
Look, Flaps, first I say, "What we gonna do?" Then you say, "I don't know, what you wanna do?" Then I say, "What we gonna do?" You say, "What you wanna do?" "What we gonna do?" "What you want..." Let's do SOMETHING"!

Crusher was ripped from his mount by the alpha and pulled high into the air before he pinned the beasts wings and brought it crashing back to the ground. Claybo, Sanguine and Harbek set to breaking apart the swarm of birds while Anamis and Varis struggled with the cacti. Solaris attempted to help Crusher, but was nearly brought low by swarming kestrekel. All looked quite dire for the party....
Session: Session 12 - Sunday, Oct 28 2012 from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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I enjoyed the session last week, kinda sucks that it had to be cut early, but shit happens. Anyway it was a fun game, I liked the skill challanges but felt the Crodlu were almost more a hinderance than a boon in some cases (Mine). Lets see if they end up being worth the 250gold that put me in debt!
In combat the Crodlu may not have been beneficial, but the difference in travel time is 4.5 days to about 10-12 days. That's significantly better, especially when the desert is as much a credible obstacle than any monsters.