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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 4: Building Bridges
The Master-of-Towns was not so eager to be interrupted in the late evening, even less so to find it was the outlaws who summoned him. However, Bruthambar was taken back when he saw Harbek, "Harby!? Could it be you? Why, I haven't seen you since you were knee-high to a halfling!" The party was shocked to discover Harbek was Bruthambar's nephew! Needless to say, he was much more inclined to help once formalities were exchanged. And with Kaina's proof that Sarhan's loans were specifically designed to bankrupt the city and make Shek-mo-Garmin a very wealthy merchant, Bruthambar sounded the alarm.

The party's goal was simple, get into the compound and retrieve Solaris. With all the commotion brought on by Bruthambar and Sarhan's arguing, it was even easier than they had previously thought! In only a few minutes time, the party had slipped in and back out without raising the alarm. After that, it was a simple trip out to the estuary and a ferrying to South Ledopolus.

Once the party had settled in, they set in motion the plan to really mess with Sarhan. Since he had kidnapped Pig Tusk's son, they figured freeing him may sway the giants agains the Praetor. The task itself was easier to talk about than to execute. Sarhan's guards were thralls, slaves that fought to the death. And to the death they went. The giant child was angry at his imprisonment, but Malla was able to calm him long enough to return the babe to his father. In return, Pig Tusk rewarded them with some of his personal riches, including a very well-crafted short sword with a jhakar tusk handle. The Sunspeaker blessed the party with some of her radiant power; sanguine refused the "gift".

A short re-supply in South Ledopolus and the party was ready to head out, this time mounted on crodlu. The trip should be a short four days...

Forecast: Hot with a chance of random encounter
Session: Session 11 - Sunday, Oct 21 2012 from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM
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