Tovag Baragu - Place from the past
We have had quite the adventure so far. A lot of material for a song to pass on into history. The people of Keldar remind me home but from a military point of view. My family would fit right in except for the expressions thru magic. The Eternal Brotherhood of Light and Creatures of Right Adventuring company, Ebolcorac for short, had a misunderstanding with the locals of small villages on our way to Brother Quill's birth home. My sweet soothing voice helped to calm the voices of disagreement with the locals. A bit of mistrust initial. They did not know what to make of such a colorful group of travelers. We eventually won them over. They were so concerned with our safety that an escort of men-at-arms ensured safe travel to Brother Quill's home. We lost Raven somewhere along our travel. Hopefully he finds us. His intimidating stature will be missed if a conflict happens. Brother Quill's father welcomed us with open arms and celebration with a feast. Oren gave Baron Allister a wonderful hammer as a gift of appreaciation. I provided song for dance and history. It was a wonerful night. I get the feeling that the Baron and Quill have some relationship issues. Will have to try and fix that later. I listen to the voices of time and found clues to Tovag Baragu. I believe this will be our next journey. The next day we got to meet the locals and people that Quill grew up with. We had an unexpected gift the following night, Zod had traveled in search of his friends and found at last. It was fortunate that he did show up at that time. We had some unexpected and unpleasent guests that night. Beings dressed up as chambermaids tried to damage our being and state of mind. A bunch of nasty undead were dispearsed by Zod and Quill. They had a couple of unique fireball burst. These flamers were extinguished with good teamwork. A couple of employees got killed. To make sure nothing else bad happens to the good peogle of the town, Ebolcorac decided to leave and search for Tovag Baragu. Solaris had some visions of his past lives. Between my lovely history and Solar's vision we fould what I believe is Tovag Baragu.
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150 Bonus Experience Points!

(25 XP Per Current Level)

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Since reading the scroll in the Library of Sur-In-Am with the rest of your group you have started to notice bits ad pieces of the Old Tongue in your every day travels. You note a derived name of a place, the last name of a farm family in Emmerson, the family name of a Knight in Keldar, etc. You also start to incorporate pieces and short saying of the Old Tongue into your High Chant and Plain Chant sometimes before you realize you have done it. You can not seem to bring about the use of Old Tongue during Common Chant or upon command, with the words or phrases slipping out at random.

However you notice that during the use of the Old Tongue the common folk are more pliable for information or more cooperative with assistance.

Common Chant
Plain Chant
High Chant

Old Tongue