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Shutting Down the Portal
Well, Xol'tan finally played his cards...

In a desperate attempt to open the portal & achieve immortality, the evil Doom Tyrant had transformed the Church of the Silver Flame into his Phylactery.

While the Dragon Marked Houses were in total disarray, the Bake--with the help of a returned & very influential Crispin, devised a desperate mission to drive the Beholder back to the Xoriat & SHUT DOWN THE PORTAL! Crispin has much sway over all of the houses, whose leadership seems very disorganized--in fact, Fiddenmar appears to have taken over leadership of House Deneith.

Xol'tan's plan involved poisoning the town, which we disrupted with FREE BEER for EVERYONE!

Master Iron of the War Forged House Cannith, had positioned manufacturing exhaust tunnels under the Silver Flame Church which we used to pump gas into the catacombs that we planned to ignite.

But before we blew up the Church, I needed to sneak in and fulfill my destiny by Closing the Portal. Unfortunately, I needed to work with some degenerate mages to learn more vile portal magics. I also contacted my handler at House Orien for a special ring which allowed me to focus my portal closing rage.

Robêr Mundelhein, the yankee doodle warforged, was able to use his skills to disguise us as Zombies and sneak us past Xol'tan's guards.

Closing the portal proved simple, Griff did open a hole in the floor to the Undead Giant's beneath the temple & when Xol'tan arrived to investigate the closure we knew we were in serious trouble...
Session: We Are Everyone's Bitch - Thursday, Sep 20 2012 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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