What is wrong with this hammer?
I cannot believe that Thor has left me, but the mighty hammer I was bestowed with has left much to be desired! I no longer feel Thor's might flowing through me as I did before my strange separation from the group. What has happened to rob me of my prowess in battle. Even Galvin is felling foes that thwart me swing after swing, and with staff not magic! My spells are still working as well as ever. Perhaps I need to think on this more and then spend some time praying to Thor for guidance. I will speak of this with Corbin I think. He as devout a man as ever I have met and his mace does bring justice to those who have strayed from good.

Enough of this! We journey on and find ourselves walking in the footsteps of our prey. I can practically smell Trask! He and his kinsman must be close, but this place is treacherous. We were nearly wiped out to the man by a large cube of gel that slithered to engulf men and digest them slowly. I managed to hold my own in battle early on, but inevitably my arms weakened and I found myself drawn within the quivering nightmare to lose consciousness. If not for the healing magic of my companions I would have been lost.

I am normally not one to shirk my duty to the party, but I could not bring myself to stand a watch that night. Thor knows I needed the healing rest, but my confidence was damaged nearly as much as my blistered flesh. I could not risk the lives of my friends by failing them on a watch.

Over the course of the next day we encountered pit traps, diabolic altars, Malformed flipper fingered worshipers of the demon and even a short lived encounter with a man made of slime. Of course during that last encounter my hammer struck true as I reacted to the surprise of the man forming out of the puddle. He had the look of a priest, and made no move to attack, but I could not halt the swing before striking him down. We will never know if I quickly dispatched a foe, or struck down an innocent. I pray for a quick end to this dark cave and a storm to cleanse my spirit in.

We shall see what the coming hours reveal to us!
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Well done! Corbin has complete faith in your hammer as it has saved the party on numerous occasions in the past. Perhaps Thor was merely teaching you a lesson.