Episode 1.1
"Adventurers Assemble!"

Greetings young ones and listen to my tale. I am Rikos, the storyteller. The following tale was told to me by my great-uncle, Samos the stormblessed, a mighty hero.

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Fideo skillfully outwitted the foolish mayor- ill fitting of his position-and tripled our promised reward. He played beautiful music that made you quick of foot while we traveled, and his inspiring refrain emboldened your courage and refreshed your vitality while his magic knitted your wounded flesh together. His Art- both arcane and acoustic- enabled you to exact swift justice and surround your enemies by transporting your very body through the fabric of time and space, while an array of humming daggers flew through the air creating a concerto of death. As the kobold leader fell to his knees, his lifeblood spreading across the floor before his underlings feet, Fideo shouted a vicious mockery of the enemy that required no translation: "Surrender, you mewling dogs! Your leader lies in a bloodied heap on the floor!"

As they refused to withdraw, Ein crept upon the enemy like a shadow in the night, cloaked in robes of pitch, his massive fullblade became an embodiment of the Raven Queen Herself as he slew the evil creatures like so much wheat to a scythe. Silently he gave thanks to Corellon for granting his blade the power to strike unerringly against his chosen foes, before going about the grisly task of picking their shredded forms clean of anything that may help the avenger's holy cause.