Deep thoughts by Galvin
This circlet has opened my mind considerably. I can now remember that part of my past that has been closed away for so long.

It was my first week as an apprentice with Silverwind that we were hired by the priest to clean the belfry. This task was too menial for my great master, so he ordered me to scale the tower walls. This was a seemingly impossible task as the tower walls were sheer indeed. When I expressed my doubt to old wizard, he just laughed.

"Nothing is impossible for one trained in the ancient arts of MAGIC..." he exclaimed, and before I knew it he forced a large living spider down my throat. He said the proper words and I was soon able to climb the wall with ease. However, I could never stand to be near a spider again!
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Haha, nice. I wondered about why Galvin couldn't stand spiders.
Worst spell component in the game! Nicely done!