Back again

My eyes slide open to peer up at the dense canopy of leaves. Stars glitter in the distance above. I have a body, a form. For some reason that feels odd. The loam of a forest floor lies beneath me. How did I get here?

"Awake, we are attacked!"

Someone is in trouble. I lurch to my feet and glance at my belongings. Everything seems to be where it belongs. Except me. Where are my companions? That must be them yelling from deeper into the forest. I make my way forward. Soon I come upon a group of adventurers lying in seeming slumber as one of their number fends off a few tiny humanoid reptiles that seem intent on making off with their pound of flesh. I do not recognize this man, but there sleeping nearby, that looks much like Galvin. With hammer in hand I dash from the cover of the underbrush, intent on driving the small beasts away.

That is how I came to re-join the companions in search of the Book of Sorrows. After driving the reptilian scoundrels from their attack I was met by Galvin and the others. Some new faces have joined, and old faces are not to be found. Galvin looked a bit more traveled. I still don't know just how long I have been away, but it has been long enough for Trask to betray the group and make off with the Book. I can hardly believe that they had the Book let alone that the treacherous dwarf had so recently stolen the item that had drawn us all together. Galvin explained everything around the fire that night as the rest returned to their slumber.

As dawn came upon us we decided to follow a device Galvin had come to possess that flickers and glows as we travel closer to Trask and the Book. It led us to a gloomy cave with foul smoke wafting from the entrance. We had no other choice than to enter and see if the Book lie within. No book did we find, rather grossly deformed human like creatures with flesh that sears to the touch. Several battles were fought and won, but not without significant injury to us. We did discover several items of magic that seemed well suited to Galvin, though a couple of others also found use for an item or two. We now rest in a camp made by our enemies before the departed this world for the next. We know not what tomorrow will bring, except that it will bring us closer to putting an end to the evil of the Book of Sorrows.
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Nicely done. Very good to have you back.