Playtest Mission #3 - Big Guns
Big Guns
Two opposing forces have brought out the big guns to secure the objectives.

Game Length: 6 Turns.

Deployment: Dawn of War

Terrain: Fixed play as setup on the table.

Objective: Capture and control objectives. Place 5 objectives on the board. One in the center, and one in each corner 12" from each board edge.

Special Rules: The objective in the center of the board is a mysterious objective (See Page 125)
Heavy Support Units (including vehicles) count as scoring units in this battle. A Vehicle must be mobile to capture an objective.
Turn One uses the night fighting rules.

Victory: Most Victory Points

Wipeout: A player that completely wipes out their opponents army by the end of the game wins regardless of Victory Points.

Victory Points:
9 VP - Control the most objectives.

5 VP - Destroy the most Heavy support units. Whichever player destroys the most of the opposing players heavy support scores this objective. In the case of a tie both players score 2 VP each.
In the case where your opponent has no Heavy Support, congratulate them on their masterful army constructions while pounding them with your big guns. You can't score this objective though.

4 VP - Linebreaker - If you have at least one scoring unit in the enemy deployment zone, you score this objective. Both players may score this objective.
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