Playtest Mission #2 SLAY EM ALL
Slay Them All!
Two dire enemies attempt to wipe the other off the battlefield.

Game Length: 6 Turns.

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Terrain: Fixed, Play with terrain as is on table.

Objective: Wipe the enemy off the board.

Victory: Most Victory Points.

Wipeout: A player that completely wipes out their opponents army by the end of the game wins regardless of Victory Points.

Victory Points:

Primary Objective - 9 victory pts - Kill the most enemy units. Whichever player wipes out the most enemy units scores this objective. In the case of a tie both players receive 4 points.

Transport vehicles are separate from their squads and count as their own unit.
Multiple units bought as a single army list choice are counted as individual units. For example, a space marine tactical squad that splits into 2 combat squads is counted as 2 units. A HQ unit with a retinue is 2 units, one for the HQ and one for the retinue. Each unit within an Imperial guard infantry platoons are counted individually.

A vehicle must be wrecked, exploded, or be unable to move AND fire to count as destroyed.

Units that fall back off the table count as destroyed.

Secondary Objective - 5 Points - Slay the Warlord

Tertiary Objective - 4 Points - First Blood.

Special Rules
The two opposing armies REALLY hate each other.
All non-fearless units count as having the hatred rule for the opposing enemy. (Re-roll misses in the first round of assault.)
Turn One is night fighting.
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