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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 1: Continued
After a long rest and some significant first-aid, the party continued their search for the missing wagon. Sardis did what he could to keep them on a safe path and out of danger, while Torrin spotted what would be confirmed as the lost wagon.

Making their way through the rocky maze, they came upon the wagon half-buried in the sand. The wagon looked damaged and the crodlu was missing. The survivors were perched on a rock, suffering from sun-sickness. Torrin mused about what dangers lurked beneath the sand, and was less than humored to find he was correct.

As they approached the survivors, a group of Black Sands raiders emerged from the north. Their leader, a goliath mounted upon a kank, ordered the wagon taken and the other scavengers killed. Chiba and Tak leapt into action while Kalinth and Torrin set up a defensive perimeter. One of the raiders made a mad dash for the cart, but fell into a silt sink. With the battle joined, Sardis channeled his lighting down upon one raider while another assaulted Chiba. Then came a rumble.

Who you callin' a graboid?

From beneath the sands burst forth a massive purple worm! It thrashed to and fro, attacking anything that touched the sands. Two black sands raiders were killed off before they agreed to ally with Tak and focus on the worm. The beast was deadly, but stupid, and the party was able to trick it into smashing into the rocky walls, severly damaging it, thus ensuring it left them alone. During the scuffle, the goliath raider made his escape without his kank. Torrin seized the opportunity and took control of the beast.

With the worm gone and the raiders on the run, the party turned their attention to the survivors. Two of the traders were deeply suffering from sun sickness and unconscious. Their guard, Malla, was wounded, but able to help them repair the cart and dig it out of the sand. After a day of work, the party set out for Samarah to resupply before heading back to the Dusty Jewel.

Arriving in Samarah, Tak discovered their funds were too low to purchase the necessary gear. Jakkin, the merchant who traded with Hargo Vole, offered to pay for their supplies if they took care of a little problem. One of his competitors attacked and killed a slave of his and took some valuable cargo. If the party was willing to get that gear...and handle the competitor, he would handle the costs for them.

It seemed a reasonable offer, so the party agreed. Later that night they would sneak into Shek-ma-shemak's warehouse and steal the cargo. Time permitting, they may deal with him, as well.
Session: Session 2 - Sunday, Jul 08 2012 from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM
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One of the coolest fights so far in any campaign, in my opinion. I thought the mechanic of the fight was really unique, but it clicked right away.
If you liked it, click the Epic! button.
I do agree, though. The best combats are the ones that spawn out of a great idea, rather than "well, I need to have X fights and why not some guards?!" thought processes. In this case, I really liked the idea of a tremors-like situation, as it's a creature you weren't seeing as "XP", but as something to actively survive and defeat.

I was glad I didn't screw it up :D
Right up there with Zynth in thinking this arguably one of the most enjoyable fights i've had, the idea of fights being more then just a simple hack and slash really appeals to me :)
Loved this fight. Even though I didn't actively "do" very much, it was still fun for me, and I feel like Torrin was doing what he was meant to do- Be helpful to the cause, and annoy every one else (Besides his allies...:P)