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Dark Sun: Rising
Chapter 1: The Missing Wagon
As the wind died down, Sardis nodded to remove the blanket covering their small cave. Chiba pulled back the cover letting a mass of sand flow in. They had survived the sandstorm, but only barely. Tak took notice of their dwindling supplies adn suggested they make for Samarah with urgency. All agreed and Kalinth took up the lead.

Not too long after treking out across the stony barrens, they were set upon by a pack of vicious jhakar. The beasts surrounded them upon a small rocky mound and set to attacking. Kalinth and Chiba kept the beasts off Tak and Sardis long enough to beat the creatures into a forced retreat. The carcasses that remained were stripped of meat and bone before the party moved on. Tak took notice of the piercings in the jhakar heads, recognizing them as trained trackers.

The face only a mother could love.

Kalinth resumed his frenetic pace while Sardis kept an eye out for the supply wagon. The dray's continued focus would be disastrous, however. While traversing a precarious set of stones, a rumbling was felt. Instantly, the ground was torn asunder and the party found themselves falling into a deep crevasse. The quick thinking of Chiba and Sardis saved Kalinth, while Tak's natural skills at climbing kept him out of danger.

Deep in the crevasse, however, Chiba spotted some silky web on a cactus. It was the webbing of a silk wyrm, prized for their exquisite silk. The adults were highly sought after and worth a fortune. That was all he said before Kalinth and Tak slid down to capture the beast. So quickly did they descend, they did not hear Chiba describ the beast in detail. When it sprung from its' nest to protect its' young, they realized their folley.

We're gonna need a bigger sack.

The eight foot long wyrm lashed out with its' considerable psionic abilities, keeping the party off balance while it struck out at Tak, repeatedly. Kalinth tried to keep its' focus on him, but it was just too damn quick to lock down. When Tak finally succumbed to the poison Chiba ordered a retreat with Sardis covering the reear. Kalinth was the last to leave; his bloodlust refused to let him back down. Though back down he did, and not a moment too soon. Another strike from the wyrm would have surely killed him.

Once they were safely away from its' nest, the wyrm turned to see to its' young, and the party found a safe place to rest. Tak would survive, suffering some minor wounds and swelling, while Kalinth's pride would take longer to heal...
Session: Session 1 - Sunday, Jul 01 2012 from 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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Great art, nice recap, and from the sounds of it, Kalinth owes us once or twice over...
I noticed a conspicuous absence of a certain barbarian's bag readying and more of a "Its all the dray's fault" in this recap :P

I think though that Kthulu got a really fair grasp of the char's mentality towards fighting though after our most recent session, Its less about bloodlust and more about honor and enjoying the challenge of it all, even if it doesn't seem the wisest course of action.

I think the reality of our retreat would've been fun to include in the recap! Kalinth pulling Tak out of the brush and dragging him because he was too heavy before the Chiba shape shifted and started to drag him as a wolf before Tak even got stabilized!
Sounds like a great journal post for kalinth! Your journal posts will display on the main page, as well, so please feel free to go in deeper with anything you found interesting.