What a day!
So we killed the lich, or re-killed him, or whatever. We followed Jack and Tessel, just in time to fight some crazy shadow versions of us. I got to finish off the shadow me, at least, so hopefully Valicus will get that out of his system. We weren't able to save Jack, but we finally got to catch some shut-eye (not helped by the crazy dwarf's nasty fur pile, or the dead Jack nearby).

Anyway, we got back to town, and something was clearly wrong. I mean, we were already attracting more attention than I preferred last time, but now we're like the circus or something. We had no luck finding Azagoche, but we found a cookie lady... which is better to my mind.

Next, we moved on to the temple to call in a favor for Jack. I saw more of the temple's labyrinth than I've ever had the opportunity before... makes me glad we never went ahead with that crazy caper Eddie had planned there. They started preparing for the ritual, and everyone got really nervous all of a sudden. No idea why... how often do you get to see that sort of pageantry up close? I did feel bad for the slaves, of course... again, REALLY glad we didn't go ahead with that caper.

Sure enough, once the whole mess is over with, nobody is dead but the slaves (due process and all, I'm sure). Best of all, Furry Jack! He's apparently got this whole super-cold thing going on now, which brings up interesting possibilities for pranks involving water flasks.... later!

Finally, I'm dealing with a perfectly normal shakedown by the guards when suddenly Jack and Adric are starting a fight. Before I know it, I'm encouraging the last one to take a nap, and we're hustled off to join La Revolution. I'm not really sure what the whole thing is about, but I never really liked the Overlord anyway. If the people have spoken, then the law must change, I suppose.
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