Jack's Blessing

We had a bargain with the knights. Hold the sword to its lawful use for the a few lesser favors plus the promise of the return to life of one of us should we need it. Jack needed it. Jack respected the Mother to a degree but his magic sprang from forces that I, nor I suspect Jack truly understood. The Mother had held me in check and then let me be a tool of her will.

As we brought Jack's lifeless husk back to the city I pondered the meaning of the events of the last day. As the priests of the temple called upon the God's of other places to return Jack's life in trade for the lives of five criminals I cleared my mind of all but the Mother's meaning. When Jack awoke an omen of her will sat before me. Jack's mind was his but his body was clearly touched by the Mother.
Session: In The Shadows Of Spiderhaunt Spire. - Tuesday, Jul 03 2012 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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Cool. I like this new look.
I did a longer post before going to sleep the other night and revised it to make it hopefully more readable. (The advantage of owning the place you call "work") I'm not sure what your thoughts are on a patron are but maybe the Fates, the King of Elfland or the master of air or roots might be more in line than a mad sorcerer or a demon.

With my proposed spell I suppose you are now a 4 HD magical canine...you'll get a will save unless I really roll well or burn a lot of luck.
Mr. GM,
Can Clive cast this spell and control me? Guess I'll have to find that dispel magic spell. Well I guess it might be a good backup if when we summon the demon to activate the rod I get possessed.
Nice work Mark!