Is it Over?
Naked to this place, faced with a heathen alter atop a man made mountain. Capped with a madman chanting to some false hope to Solos or whatever. I closed my eyes and silently called on the Mother to guide me to her will.

I thought the Mother had forsaken me earlier, her presence seems to flow through me. Perhaps she was angered by the heathens false prayers. Bones rise only to seek eternal rest as the Mother fills my mouth with words to command them. She blessed the half man so he might not die through my hands.

It seems Adric remembers her as his arrows made quick work of the heretic. Then with the quick recovery of our possessions taken from us as a sacrifice came to my hand an unholy vessel. I doused it with holy water and then with one swing of the grand daughter's blessed mace Tessel spilled the vile contents, the corrupted soul of what I would soon learn was the dead wizard atop the alter.

When the dead wizard began to emerge Jack ran, yelling "Lich, its a Lich, run!" Tessel followed Jack. But the Mother's will has strange ways of showing itself. Our travels have taken us to many an odd place, the Mother's will seems to me to be leading us. So let Jack and Tessel run.

Adric, the half man, the elf woman and myself steadied ourselves to meet our fate. I thought about running too but only with the others. If this is where I joined the great pack so be it. The elf woman had her life drawn away by the dead wizard, stealing a moment more for him at the cost of another. Still her sacrifice may have allowed us to rally. It truly must have been the Mother's will in the next few moments.

What should be dead needed to be convinced to finally give into death. Where the bound bones seemed to know the truth of the words the Mother inspired, this dead wizard gave little heed at first. But through the Mother's blessings guiding the arrows and blows of sword while her wards blunted the wizards fading magic it, whatever its name was, is now but a devil's plaything.

With it finally accepting death, so it seems this vault will as well. Fitting for such a corrupted use of the Mother's gifts. Adric, the half man and I now dash to the place where Tessel and Jack were last seen before we are claimed by the falling stones. If she were not being entombed by the falling stone we might have used the bargained resurrection for our new elven companion. From what I know of her people she has left this world far too soon. Lets hope we will not join her where ever this portal takes us.
Session: Pyramid Top Showdown! - Wednesday, Jun 20 2012 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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