Keeping to the Path
I broke my hand so typing is difficult. Instead, I did an audio journal. You can listen to it here: Harder to do than writing it would've been Hope it's okay.
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Andy, great post and great use of technology. I only just discovered SoundCloud and the production possibilities are exciting.
Thanks, Paul. I recorded it using GarageBand and uploaded it. ez pz. Glad you liked it.
Wow! Just, wow! As Amanda remarked, your delivery is quite like that from a pulpit. And Cobus' message is profound and layered. I look forward to learning more about him and his philosophy/beliefs.
Wow, thanks Julia. Based on last night, I'm not sure how long he'll be around to be doing more journal entries.
Sorry for my delay in responding Andy, but I must say that this is awesome. The sermon like delivery works beautifully with the fact that Cobus is a cleric. I think all of his journal updates should be in audio format.
Heh, that could be arranged.
You going to pass a basket for a collection??? lol.well done Andy. Balurt would contribute but he doesn't want to cut into hs ale fund.
Just keep him alive, Balurt, and Cobus will consider that contribution enough.
Don't ye worry precherman. I got yer back...just keep those healing spells close by