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Vampire Hunting!
After defeating the wrights, The Bake set up watch in the mill—waiting for the vampire to appear. He did teleport into the downstairs portion of the mill, called us meddlers, and left.

The town dinner went well.

After the meal, while lighting the village lights, a villager mentioned that his sister had gone out with Brother Nerric who had been with us all night—assuming the vampire was responsible, we headed out into the woods where we spotted a strange ritual with flashing green lights—evidently transforming villagers life force into energy used to awaken the undead dragon god.

We headed back to the mines and struck a deal with Shoalgun to sneak us into the necrotic workshop to attempt to defeat the vampire and shut down his ritual. With much effort, and a little support from my allies, I was able to shut down the Necrotic Ritual Circle and defeat the vampire’s scheme to awaken the Shoalgun’s Blue Undead Dragon God.

The Iron Lich appeared in the workshop, having killed the vampire. He called Crispin a Time Lord and asked why were had agreed to be the Beholder Xal-Tan’s pawns. We exchanged barbs, but in the end, In exchange for the Vampire’s head, we agreed not to attack him and he sent us back to Randor’s Crossing where we hiked back to the wall with Maergus & took an airship to Stormreach.

On arrival, some scholars attempted to get us involved in some murder conspiracy, but luckily Crispin was there to shuttle us back to House Phairlan.

Crispin & Basquich were acting odd. They heard our report and then declared it was time to deal with the Lich General. They took us to a Portal in House Jarasco which lead to an ancient graveyard where we faced and defeated the Lich General. Cripsin revealed his true form, that of a brass dragon and Brasquich also became an earth elemental during our battle with the Lich.

At the end of the battle there was a flash of light, Crispin turned out to be a Keeper of Time, and we reappeared in the Leaky Dingy—having not gotten the job investigating the oven issue at the Bake for House Phairlan. Our memories wiped of most of the Heroic Tier we wondered what to do next.
Session: Vampire Hunting! - Thursday, May 31 2012 from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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