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Devils in the Details.
Next we returned to the home of Jorro for sleep. Jorro needs to get his family to the Khyber Wall. We describe the dozens of undead excavating smooth obsidian wall beneath the church. He reminds us that he had seen his undead brother walking in the fields by his apple farm. In the morning, we send a message to Crispin via courier “You knew this would happen. Send a new priest”. We also have Maerguus lead Jorro & his wife and two boys back to the Khyber wall—and coin for the scholars to provide us with an historical map of the area—hoping to see a large obsidian structure sometime in the past. Before he left Jorro released his animals for open grazing—his lack of concern in this dangerous area is odd.

Next we headed into town for breakfast. Nerrick has never been in the cheese store.

Over breakfast we learn that the town respects the dwarves—bad mouthing them did not go over well—which is odd since a lynch mob had been at the dwarves door step after the cave in.

We then headed over to talk to Brother Nirrik. We helped clear the way for a monument to Father Joneral. Some skilled stone masons have been sent for from the Khyber Wall. He has decided to use stone from the Mine Collapse—how his death and that tragedy are related is very interesting.

We also learned in conversation that Most of the Dwarf goods stopped coming through town one month before the dwarves all died. Brother Nirric pays the helpers with copper to clear the area & to fetch stone. He mentions that whenever he needs anything it just turns up—that the town folk jump into help, in fact, Dwarves brought the Cooking Cauldron from which the bedeviled soup was made the night before, evidently. Borx Morderian of the Morderian Clan that ran the mines delivered it just when he needed it. But the time line is confusing—it appears to have arrived after the cave in.

The Church of the Wind Graveyard is well tilled—to prevent weeds the entire area has been turned over with a plow.

Brother Nirric will not let us see father Joneral, did not say the door was locked, said we could not se him. He is lying about things that are not significant.

In the Basement we find a smooth black pool of shadow on the obsidian wall being cleared by the Zombies—I reach out telepathically and speak to Craesis the Butcher. He was told by the master that we would come. The Zombies back away from this Devil. Combat—Craesis, Zombie Troll, & two Blenders. Bodies disappear after we defeat them—blend back into shadow.

We decide to go get Brother Nirric and ask him what is going on in his basement. He resists. We insist. Guards are called. Riot erupts-- Captain Rasp drawing & undrawing his sword. Towns folk are killed by guards. Zombies come as a shock to Brother Nirric. Nirric accuses us of bringing the Zombies to their town to which Vassa responds “When would we get Zombies, dumb ass?” Captain Rasp arrests Bemin for insubordination. And “Kidnapping the Priest in broad daylight and carrying him through the streets”.

We go to the mayor who fines us 15 gold and throws us out of town.
Session: About Basement Corpses - Thursday, Apr 26 2012 from 7:15 PM to 12:15 AM
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