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Carrion Crown
Beginning of Session
Morning, Lamashan 18, 4711 AR
Level 12

The account...
* Of the kind Quadiran matron in Thrushmoor who shared her couch and her wine last summer, and the taming of the girl with a knack for child-rearing and a taste for fish.
* Of the poor stableboy who loved Kat, and the incredibly expensive gift he received from her, even though she will never know his name.
* Of the fishman's brain (which quite literally saw the light of Sarenrae), and how it was going to be placed into a Girallon's body, until a wizard's carelessness the previous month put a lightning bolt through it.
* Of a lover's revenge, how quickly he lost his immortality, and the weird place he kept his head (in his weapon).
* Of why Quinn can't have nice things: Shov.

End of Session
Evening, Lamashan 24, 4711 AR
Level 12
Session: Game Session - Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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