Daily memory update: Mirtul 16, 10:40

Update has been missed the past few days because of a malfunctioning long term memory node. I repaired it today during my downtime. I continue to keep myself busy. The years would have blended together and madness would have set in if not for the strict schedule I have imposed upon myself.

Activate warforged body from inactivity, check memory nodes, check motor skills, check vocal box, check backpack, check potions, check wand, check wand attachment point, check javelin storage space, check javelin.... bah, no need to recite it all now.

These new companions, as well as they can handle themselves, seem a bit distracted. I have never before been in such company as these, so I cannot say it is of random coincidence that we have come from different paths walk the same one. It is only logical that we stay as a group, for the likes of us can change a great many thing.

The smoke in the distance does not bode well for us getting through to the city, so wether this fellowship likes it or not, I do believe we are stuck together for a while.


It seems that Marius Ban Vlackburg has stirred something in a sub-0memory node that I have been unable to unlock. There is something about his axe that seems familiar, but I do not know what it is as of yet. I have tried to examine it but Maruis is unwilling to let it out of his hands. I gather that it means much to him. Not to worry, I have nothing but time in this body.

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