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Short Adventure Arcs
Arc 2: Zombie Apocalypse

You and your friends live and work in a small rural town. Life has been going swell.. but things are about to change! You awake one morning to find the town outside your window is as quiet as the grave. You ponder what has happened and your curiosity is soon answered, as the undead begin smashing in your windows and banging on your door, seeking to feast on your flesh!

Taking up your trusty shotgun, pistol, baseball bat or other weapon of choice, you quickly escape out the back door. The telephone networks seem to be out, as is the power, so you can't call your friends or family to see if they're okay... but with any luck, they've survived the night.

Session: SAA Arc 2 - Sunday, Mar 25 2012 from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM
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