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Carrion Crown
Mayor The Brain
Beginning of Session
Under the Tern Rocks
Afternoon, Lamashan 17, 4711 AR
Level 12

The account...
* Of the many-mawed kisses of Shub-Niggurath (pucker up!)
* Of Althaea slicing the Seasage Effigy in Half, dispersing its power, and then letting everyone else put it back together
* Of Horace Croon's interest in the funny brain-case (containing one funny brain)
* Of getting the Tullby Baby back from Ms. Sills to find some better home for it (away from the muck and the monsters)
* Of Adivion - the well-dressed man with the scrying crystal - and his now-immortal servant Carlum sent to reclaim Raven's Head

When the mace is in your possession, join your
partner in Caliphas, and the Carrion Crown can
finally be completed.

“Necrophagous secrets whisper
Through chronicles of Raven’s tongue”

For the glory of the Whisperer,

End of Session
Morning, Lamashan 18, 4711 AR
Level 12
Session: Game Session - Thursday, Apr 19 2012 from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM
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