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Beginning of Session
Dwarven Shrine(?)
Afternoon, Fourmonth 4, 30

I was so happy to see the group I sent out to scout below Underweep was in one piece. I must admit that I was starting to worry about them, and the account of their pursuit by the goblins and xivort didn't make me feel any better.

Apparently, they successfully barred the door to the Dwarven structure and were able to retreat back to the cave they encountered the spiders in which they effected a rest and contacted me to let me know what was up. I, of course, told them to get back as fast as they could and promptly attempted to get Pof'Gra and the other guards together to go help them - although that took longer than I hoped.

Meanwhile, they were intercepted on their way back by a weapon the Xivort's referred to as "The Roller" - a magically animated ballista on wheels. Fortunately, after a difficult battle, they defeated it and the other xivorts who were accompanying it and we met up with them to escort them back to underweep.

End of Session
Evening, Fourmonth 4, 30
Session: Game Session - Monday, Apr 02 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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