For The Father: Thoughts From Tal`Orik
Ah I remember it all too well, the feeling of my first kill, the satisfaction of a job well done, and the admiration of a proud father. See… my father is the man responsible for what I have become. From as far as I can remember, I have been taught to kill, trained in deception, and the ability to remain unseen, even in plain sight. I am one of Fathers special children, I am unique. The gift I posses is both a blessing and a curse, the ability to wear the faces of anyone I choose. I wear the face of my enemies, the face of their friends, and family, only to get close to my targets and take life… I have killed countless marks, each time pushing my feelings into a void of numbness, trying to forget the things that I have done. This void is my father’s safety net, one that has been pushed into my brain since my earliest memories… preventing me from feeling the wrongness of my crimes, the guilt of my murders… What father doesn’t know is that this void is slowly breaking apart.

I am beginign to see things anew; with a level of clarity that I have never been able know. It seems as though I am experiencing life for first time, and have come to realize how utterly alone I feel…
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