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Something Fishy...
After the fight at the Welcome Wench we have a conversation with Brother Nirric who moved here from the Black Anvil Forest outside of the Temple of the Wind—a fine temple to St Cuthbert with a large vegetable garden behind it. The finely dressed brother seems less then forthcoming & mentions Jarrow the Hermit who lives in a hut outside of town & may be our contact.
We then discuss the current tensions in the town with some friendly town guards who mention the recent mine cave in & growing rumors of a darkness sweeping over the town—they seem to fear the gossip and superstition more then anything else. The death of Father Joneral is just fueling the rumors. Just then another scuffle breaks out and the guards use extreme force to put it down.
We walk through the town past the Jewelry Store, Trade Store, Warehouse, and Nut farm, Cheese Maker Cottage, a Mill, and the Barracks— with a dilapidated Defense Tower. A group of slaves are picking in the fields of Norah, the Flirty Farmers Wife and her husband. Fences are in disrepair & animals do not seem to be properly penned in. Betsy Lynn, waitress and wife of Merrill sister-in-law to Randy works in the Cheese Shop. Dana from the Inn is the daughter of the Cheese Shop owner. She heard rumors of Green Lights in the forest—but not of green pillars. She mentioned that some things that are said are believed, but not true.
We head out in search of the Hermit & his hut, but instead find his fine wife Miranda and his two 15 year old boys Jock and Samo picking apples. Jarrow is away, but returns telling us that he hand sent a request for help to Stormreach & could only talk after dark and that we should return then.
The Mine had been abondened by the Dwarven Family that managed it. It was a silver min. The main entrance collapsed. An adventuring party had disappeared a month ago after heading up to the mine. The mine was collapsed but on the back side we found the dead remains of dwarves in a box. We also noted some Sahuagin lurking around. The Sahuagin are normally found only north of the Waterfalls—far away.
While exploring the house we found some squatting youths whose family’s farms had been taken over by the town. They confirmed green lights in the woods. The Dwarf’s house appeared to be ‘packed up’ by a creature that was not Dwarven—did not understand how things like sheets worked.
Return to Jarrow’s we find Sahuagin attacking him and his sons in a cabbage field. We join the battle and destroy them. Then Captain Raspt stops by and acts weird for the head of the town guard. Jarrow wants to go tell Mayor Varoth of the strange going on in the village that night, but The Bake are concerned by the town folk’s strange behavior.
We return to town to find the guards abandoning their posts all of the villagers are in the Welcome Wench drinking a stew that appears to dampen / control their spirits.
We then explore St Cuthbert’s Temple of the Wind and find many strange things—the mausoleum has been ransacked & undead creatures including Jarrow’s dead brother are mining the Wine Cellar—uncovering a large black wall beneath the soil.
Session: 10! - Thursday, Mar 22 2012 from 9:45 PM to 3:45 AM
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