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At the gates of the goblin village
Beginning of Session
Former Dwarven shrine? repurposed for goblins
Afternoon, Fourmonth 4, 30

The party interrogates its Xivort prisoner to find out just what the heck they are doing there. They decide to do this in common rather than the Xivort's apparently native Elven tongue because they want to keep up their intimidating air. From him, they learn four things:
  • The Xivort were coming to get the goblins who didn't want them there.
  • The Xivort don't really care about Underweep at this point and are having more fun playing with the goblins.
  • The goblin village lies beyond the underground structure they are in.
  • The Xivort have been providing supplies to the goblins in exchange for the Xivorts getting to play with the goblins.

During the interrogation, Estelwen finds a wand on the body of the Xivort spellcaster. As the interrogation finishes up, the Xivort gladly agrees to show them where treasure is in exchange for his life. While Hode believes he means that, everyone knows not to trust him too far. And when he points out the wand Estelwen has picked up as the treasure and smiles proudly, he pouts and kicks the ground when Dokhra indicates this was not what they had in mind. Shortly before executing him.

The party continues through the Dwarven structure, discovering a Dwarven symbol of industry and a ritual pool of water and a sliding bronze door, but without discovering the purpose of it all.

Through the back, they are once again surrounded by more naturally cut caves until 100 feet later they come upon a light source. Sneaking up upon it, Waghaus discovers it is a small fire that two goblins are conversing around. Dr. Brav also sneaks up to overhear the following conversion,

"Odd that the Xivorts aren't back yet."

"Maybe Retrac's group ambushed them."

"I wonder how they found out about Retrac and the rest."

"I'm sure someone snitched on them. I know a few goblins who would rat them out."


The party decided to attempt to capture and interrogate these two to find out what was going on. However, the first two arrows loosed at the goblins missed and alerted them to the attack. One immediately ran back yelling, "Invaders!" and was answered by two more shouts. The party pursued...

End of Session
Goblin Village Entrance
Afternoon, Fourmonth 4, 30

Session: Game Session - Monday, Mar 12 2012 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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