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The Return Campaign
RECAP: December 6th, 602 evening (Halls of Beckoning)
  • Derwin grabbed the easily accessible items from skeletal corpse that appeared where Katelyn had disappear and now has them identified. All but the dagger.
  • Group goes through portal pad and meets a greater basilisk. Derwin and Adrian are turned to stone, but the trap set off by Derwin also destroyed him.
  • They retreat back through portal and Vic forces beholderkin to turn Adrian back.
  • A rogue, Davlam appears and asks the group to return with him to meet his mistress, Eryn.
  • Eryn strikes a deal with group. They are to find missing shards hidden by Vayne and in return Eryn will free Joanna.
  • As proof on her sincerity, she will divine one question for group that only Joanna will know, "How do you get to the Shining Citadel?"
  • The group leaves to rest.

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Session: Game Session 12.03.04 - Sunday, Mar 04 2012 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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