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Carrion Crown
The Apparatus of Kick-ass
Beginning of Session
Tunnels under Undiomede House
Afternoon, Lamashan 16, 4711 AR
Level 11

* An old farmer is saved from certain Colour-related doom. She is predictably ungrateful, even if her halfling servants are not.
* Quinn does NOT hide in the outhouse to get away from a Shantak.
* Kat uses sending to fetch Francis from Thrushmoor (again).
* Kat is nonplussed by 12 atmospheres of water pressure. Maybe Horace Croon was wrong.
* Kat is pretty troubled by 8 fish-men. Maybe Horace Croon was right.
* Oomami can one-shot 8 fish-men with the power of the sun (even in the depths of the lake)

End of Session
Under the Tern Rocks
Morning, Lamashan 17, 4711 AR
Level 11
Session: Game Session - Wednesday, Mar 07 2012 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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