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Those aren't goblins!
Beginning of Session
Caves below Underweep
Noon, Fourmonth 4, 30
Level 1

Although the party (and Dokhra especially) suffers a lot of poision coursing through its veins, they overcome the family of spiders and investigate their lair. In their nest, they find evidence of the various creatures the spiders have fed upon, including several small humanoids. Searching through the bone pile, they find a statuette made of precious metals. This 8-inch figuring is of a humanoid figure with webbed hands and feet and tentacles for its face - definitely an aberration from the Far Realms.

Continuing on the path, the party finds the natural caves give way to cut stone and see light coming from a cut room ahead. At the entrance to the room is a circular motto in Dwarven saying, "Strength - Industry - Valor".

Inside, the room is empty though it hasn't been for too long. There are several bedrolls and evidence of meals having being eaten there not long ago. Plus, of course, the torches are still burning. There are also several bags that seemed to contain traveling supplies though they are now mostly empty. Searching through the bags reveals a piece of stone with Dwarven writing chiseled into it - apparently a journal someone had written. What could be made out on it said,

"We must move on from our home. We will leave the alternate entrance open just in case we ever return."

As the party was searching the room, the heard a commotion coming from the other entryway - a closed doorway. It sounded like a half dozen or so people, and they seemed to be speaking in Elven. The party sets up Estelwen to lure them into the room and for her Elvenness. When the group enters the room, Estelwen recognizes them as Xivort - short, blue-skinned humanoids from the Feywild. Hoping they were not hostile (despite openly carrying weapons), she spoke to them in elven. Their response was to spit at her and call her a "foul traitorous primedweller" and attack.

Estelwen proved her use as a distraction and pin-cushion as well as able warrior and despite the tricks of the Xivorts, the party quickly overwhelmed them. The last Xivort was intimidated into surrendering and now cowers at their feet.

End of Session
Entrance to goblin? xivort? quarters
Afternoon, Fourmonth 4, 30
Level 1
Session: Underweep Session - Monday, Mar 05 2012 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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