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Tracking down the goblins
Beginning of Session
Morning, Fourmonth 4, 30
Level 1

The party is all set to interrogate their goblin prisoner when Pof'Gra and the town guard arrive just too late for the big fight. Pof'Gra is bemused but happy the group routed the goblins and plans to take the goblin into his custody to prepare for a public hanging to boost the town's morale. Some swift words from Dr. Brav convince Pof'Gra that some vital information could be gained from an interrogation and Pof'Gra sits by while the party tries it.

They learn that his name is Kotra, that the goblins were raiding them to get supplies they needed, that there are somewhere around 100 of them, and get an inconclusive response when asked about their leadership.

The party then want to set off after the goblins to gather more intelligence on them, taking their prisoner to help him lead their way. Pof'Gra is having none of it as he is skeptical the party will make it back alive, let alone with a goblin who could easily betray them. The timely arrival of Mornlorr and more smooth words from Dr. Brav bring Pof'Gra somewhat around - he still thinks it's way to dangerous to let the goblin go with them (and doesn't want to lose the morale boost that a public hanging would provide) but can see that the group should be careful enough to make it back.

Mornlorr has been waiting for an opportunity to put a group together to do reconnaissance missions and sees that potential in the party. He outfits them with some magical supplies he has and sends them on their way, warning them not to get in too far over their heads.

From their information interrogating Kotra and their ability to track and understand dungeon layout, the party feels it gets most of the way to where the goblins live before running into corridor densely packed with spider webs. Dokhra advises caution, but Waghaus, not detecting any danger ahead, thinks it best to run through. He disturbs some webbing that falls from the ceiling onto him and two hungry spiders and their spawn set upon the party.

End of Session
Caves below Underweep
Noon, Fourmonth 4, 30
Level 1
Session: Game Session - Monday, Feb 27 2012 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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