The ending is just the beginning.
At the mention of the new position regarding Theronall, the only visible change in William's face is a slight narrowing of the eyes and a small crease running across his forehead, long ago William learned the value of keeping your true thoughts and desires hidden safely away from the world. The normal cheer gone from his voice Willam turns toward the door, "Do you remember that you once asked me if when I grew up, would I want to be you? And at the time I said that I had no interest?"

Pausing, William takes the silence as an invitation to continue, "I told you that I had no interest in games of power and playing human chess. You laughed at me and told me that is why I could fill your shoes perfectly someday. I didn't understand it at the time, I was young, ignorant and angry all the time. Frankly, I don't know if that has changed, but now I think I understand the question, if only a little bit. I know that I owe you for what you did for me, but I also know that you did it for your own ends."

William stops to steady his shaking voice and steel his resolve, "After this one, I'm done Jubal. No more favors, no more debts, I am leaving this part of me behind. I'd like it if we can meet again as old friends or heck, even distant family, but I can't go on like this, I just can't anymore. I have something I have to accomplish, and that is the path I have to walk...even if it kills me. This life you gave me, it has to amount to something. The other day at the pit, they were cheering for us, for me. I've...I've never felt like that before, but I think I liked it.

William turns the handle on the door and taking a deep breath, takes the first step towards his new life. Just over the threshold he pauses and gestures goodbye with a simple flick of the hand, "Goodbye Jubal. Thanks for everything, no matter how things turn out."

Just around the corner outside of Jubal's room Nimouet is leaning nonchalantly against the wall, "What leaving without even a goodbye?"

Pausing only to glance sideways at her, "Last time we really talked you told me that I was nothing but a self centered rake, whose only worth was to be pointed at a target and told to 'sic 'em'. In fact, since it seems so fresh in my mind, I also recall that you slapped me across the face and told me you hoped I'd 'get what was coming to me'. With things as they are, looks like you'll get your wish after all."

Nimouet stood in shocked silence at the outburst, used to only honeyed words, sweet nothings, and innuendo from William. 'Hmph'ing, William takes off towards the door again, "Nothing to more to say about that then? Not even a goodbye or a thank you? Shouldn't really have expected much since I'm 'just a rakehell' anyway. So long Nimouet."


After parting ways after escaping the burning ship in the bay, William spent the next few days gambling and drinking heavily. Finally, he found himself and Nygel drinking alone together. William had played this game all to many times before. He wasn't an assassin that comes in the deep of night. No, he always prefers to come straight at his target. It's all to easy really. Get someone pissed off enough to either challenge you to a fight, or say something that you can demand satisfaction for.

Nygel never stood a chance. One thing led to another and soon he found himself fighting a duel against William out in the dirty and neglected street. William, the better swordsman by far (and not nearly as drunk as he had been acting) easily batted aside Nygel's clumsy attacks waiting for the perfect opening. It came all too soon.

Slipping his blade cleanly through Nygel's rib cage William held onto Nygel's sword arm and pulls him close, almost as if he were embracing a dear friend, "I am so sorry Nygel. I promise you that I'll see Sanctuary free again or die trying. You'll have to wait for me in hell before I can make this up to you though. Goodbye friend."


A couple gold in the right hands and a message is off on quick feet to find its recipient...

Captain and Lady Arryn Sung:

I deeply regret that our previous duel was so rudely interrupted. Hopefully you will be able to forgive the intrusion by the less refined. Being a swordsman of such skill and prestige, as well as a fine and upstanding member of the nobility of Sanctuary, I know that you surely would take the opportunity to prove your skill with the blade, regain your honor, and reclaim your forfeit blade. I propose that we engage in a fair rematch to truly match our blades. Although this is highly unusual for the winner to offer such a rematch, I must admit that I found our dance (although regrettably far too short) quite intriguing.

If this invitation is agreeable to you, meet me at the inclosed location. Attempting to set up anything as dishonorable as an ambush will only cause you to further forfeit your honor, as well as your blade. I hope you will not disappoint, and am already eagerly awaiting this next dance.

Lord and swordsman extraordinaire:

"Figures that the first thing I do for myself is something as stupid and such a long shot as this gambit, but I have nothing but my life to ante with...guess it's good motivation to go all-out when you're all-in with your life." William shrugs at this own line of thought and heads off to stake out the duel location in case Lady Sung doesn't have as much pride as a swordsman as he thought.

"I suppose there are worse ways to go then death by a pretty lady," William smirks as he takes to the darkness leaving only the quiet echo of his all-too-cheerful whistling behind.
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