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Climbing the tower
We do some more cleanup, then Sima checks one of the doors off the main hallway we have not yet opened. That ends up being the kitchen, which is clear of enemies. Drox opens the last remaining door which opens to a hallway, which takes a turn and ends in a staircase going up.

When we ascend the stairs, we discover that the air is hotter and stuffier than that downstairs, and we also smell the distinct odor of brimstone on the second level. When we turn the corner, we come upon a large room with 3 hellhounds. Combat ensues. We defeat the hellhounds and survey the room before moving forward.

Sima checks the one door on this level, which is locked, and we see that there is another staircase going up. Sima unlocks the door and Drox leads us through. It appears to be an armory, with a full plate of armor in one corner, three shields on the wall—one with a green skull, one with a fireball, and one with a lightning bolt--and weapons arrayed. The armor is larger than human size. There is one door in the armory, which Sima begins to lockpick. As soon as she starts, some weapons rise off the table and the shields rise off the wall to attack us. We manage to take them down, then Sima looks back to the door.

We open the door and see three chests in the room. Sima checks them for traps. We go through them all and loot them. Gefilte then uses his blessed healer ability to top off everyone’s health before we check upstairs.

Sima goes up the stairs slowly, looking for traps on the way. As she nears the top, she hears a sound like a whip cracking and a human voice pleading for mercy. She peeks around the wall at the edge and sees a torture chamber. At the far side of the room is a human in a pillory with an ogre standing in front of him, holding a whip.

The love snake used 3 heals.
Session: Game Session - Monday, Aug 21 2017 from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM
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Pointer-left Gh_thumb
Posted by the GM
Pittsburgh Greyhawk Wars
08.20.17 XP
Densel +6878 = 26900 <Level Up>
Dalexs +10228 = 27450 <Level Up>

Anders +3439 = 34730 <Level Up>

Also, all the henchmen leveled up. I did not have your PC folder, Jay, so Dasha did not get played. I hope you took her with you cuz otherwise she is missing.

The only other thing of note is the potion you guys discovered was a Potion of Heroism.
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Time lost
Thanks to the generosity of a cleric of Pharasma, I finally know who these people are and where I am. And when. It is apparently the end of summer in 4716. I will turn 32 next month.

I have no idea what I have been doing for the past few years; my memory seems a fog. Presumably I have continued with my training, as my body is still fit and...mostly easy to control. It seems I am still poorly practiced at moving nimbly aside from practiced passes with plenty of room. I don't know whether the fact that I have apparently forgotten so much of how to speak Taldane that I require magical assistance means that I have only recently returned to Avistan, or that whatever recent experience with language I might have is as fogged as my memory. However, it seems I am on the far side of Numeria from my home, in Ustalav. I wonder how my family is doing. It seems strange to think of my actual family and to know that most of the dwarves I knew growing up have disappeared without a trace.

The companions with whom I awoke are a strange lot. I don't think I'd ever even seen a Grippli before, for one thing. I cannot fathom why I find it so natural to trust them and work with them. Not that I find it odd to trust well-intentioned people I don't remember; what is odd is that it feels as if I already did. They seem competent and accepting, however, and we have gained sufficient confidence from the other people trapped in this place with us that they seem more inclined to offer aid than to threaten, which is reassuring in a place with such disturbing monsters and noises and...eyes on the wall.

The discomfiting mist from the dream before I awoke here still looms outside and overhead. I will do my best to keep my companions safe from it and to find out what has happened to me, though I fear I will not like what I learn. I feel as if I have done something terrible, and I do not know what. I pray that the Master of Masters will not turn his back on me for a mistake I do not even remember.
Session: in Search Of Sanity, session 3 - Sunday, Sep 03 2017 from 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM
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No Namme

We are awoken in the middle of the night as the Inn is crumbling around us. The earth elemental found us and is attacking the inn! We finally defeated the earth elemental after several rounds. The inn has seen better days. No Namme offers his sword and chainmail to the innkeeper to help rebuild the inn. He allows us to stay the night and asks us to leave in the morning. We start on the road to windsong abbey. We pass a few travelers on the way. We start to hear about rumors about the windsong abbey. No namme talks to some of the locals about what they know of the abbey. Apparently locals are losing large livestock like cows!

We continue down the path and find two hill giants. After some discussion, we attach them. Nicodemus creates a giant pit and the giant falls into it and dies in the acid in the bottom of the pit.

Cinderland tries to track the giants footprints. We decide to camp near the windsong abbey. We approach the abbey and the town is in ruin! Half of the buildings are burnt. The lighthouse is strangely still working and the light in the lighthouse flickers different colors. The lighthouse appears to be 150ft tall and made of while marble.

Cinderland scouts ahead and reports back. She saw a giant sleeping in town. And a creature in the tower with thin legs and a sickle. And the abbey makes a sound when the wind blows, giving its name windsong. We decide to take out the giant first. We sneak up to where the giant is sleeping in one of the houses. Nicodemus cast haste and Zubin cast silence. We then enter and attack him! We find more giants and other creatures. Thanks to a silence spell and two fireballs, we are able to defeat them.

5,000gp worth of gems, gold and silver from the giants

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What am I going to do? From the first moment I woke in that cell I knew we were in trouble. I'm still not sure exactly who 'We' are... Hell I'm not even sure who 'I' am. though as I look around at my new companions... are they new? I'm not sure why, but for some reason I trust them. Is that normal in situations like this? Are there even other situations like this to establish a normal? I don't know the answer to that, but I certainly hope it's 'No'.

Where was I? My mind can't stay focused, is that why I was in this place, or is that what this place has done to me? Every question seems to only yield more questions. And answers, those are just questions we haven't been smart enough to ask yet!

My companions... that's right! I trust them, I mentioned that already didn't I? I need to keep mentioning it. I'm still not sure how much I trust them, as I look around at them I can tell we're different. I don't mean that we're different from each other, that's obvious. I mean they're different from me. I don't know what they know, or what they suspect, but I know sooner or later the truth will come out! Will they still trust me then? Will I still be able to trust them then? I can't dwell on this forever, but I can't ignore it either. Some of them think they are different. The Dog, the Frog.... they think they're especially different. They have nothing on me. I think the frog is beginning to suspect something, I don't know exactly how much though. Divine power flows through that one, good power. Sooner or later she will figure it out, if I don't tell her soon it may just be when she kills me!

It's been a Strange day, Burning rain, doppelgangers, a magical rat hiding under a water boiler, and then there was the Eye with a Mouth. Thankfully a good night's rest came right along with a prophetic dream. Maybe it was my charm and good looks, maybe it was all the time I've spent looking in mirrors to make sure I'm ready, but it occurred to me to have the eye see itself in a mirror.

Though if I'm honest with myself... things haven't been any better on this side of the eye either.

I've been trying everything I can keep of to keep moral up, but I'm not sure how long I can keep it up, if I can at all! I'm out of stories, and somehow I think retelling the same worn out tales won't keep helping when paired against the things we're facing. I think it's time to reveal some of my true power. I just hope they can accept my true power when the time comes!
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