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Mage Battle II
Session 1: The Summons
Individually, Turtle, Mythranir, and Sinestra are each approached by an excitable Half-folk named Isik Goldwort, who tickles their sense of adventure and mystery by offering to pay a large sum of Tolethian Crowns for their services in attempting to enter an ancient ruined city and attempt to locate an ancient artifact for him. Each agrees (including Captain Lallia, who agrees to be the group's transportation), and meets each other at a tavern in G'nor H'dad.

Isik elaborates at this point on his knowledge. He regales them with the old fable of Jimothy the Noble Thief, who stole an incredibly valuable gem called Vandoo's Diamond from a corrupt king, before being caught himself by the notorious Aquarian pirate Squarefin. The pirate took the diamond, according to legend, to the undersea city of Iyallatol, where it was never seen again. The city itself - indeed the entire Aquarian kingdom of Seltarivon, vanished without a trace some ~700 years ago (give or take - it's not precisely known). While the tale is a fable and thus probably only partially true, Isik insists that Vandoo's Diamond was real, and it really ended up in Iyallatol.

Only a short time ago, Isik reveals, a large tidal wave that caused massive damage in Sellenoth and minor damage in Pythas seems to have been caused by the emergence of a new land mass, and he believes it to be the site where Iyallatol once was. His offer is to hire the party to investigate this new land mass, discern whether it is Iyallatol, and if so, retrieve the diamond. While Myth is skeptical of Isik's motives and the party insists on some of the payment up-front, eventually everyone agrees to take the job.

After Isik leaves, Turtle gets tipsy and gets a pair of bards to start singing, which quickly leads to an impromptu dance floor and some dirty dancing with a beautiful elf lady, whom he takes to bed with him. Myth and Sinestra just rolled their eyes and went back to their respective rooms.
Session: Session #1: The Summons - Sunday, Nov 03 2019 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
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Notes 11/8/2019

We save several people in the water. During one of our trips back and forth, I hear something at the docks. I go to the docks and find a creature with octopus legs and a woman. She is attacking and killing people! I try to engage her in combat to distract her. The rest of the party arrives and she retreats further into the water. Another creature called a Charybdis attacks! We defeat it after expending resources. I go insane and hurt Noname! Thankfully, I was cured. We go after the creature with the octopus legs. I am charmed, so I stop attacking. However Noname’s attacks defeat her.

We continue to help with people and then rest. Shelia asks to meet her in the morning.
We saved approximately 600 people the day before.
We get a way finder of infinite doorways with our name on it.
Powers – Knock, detect secret doors, doors into portal (word of recall),
Toft Breacher – Ruin Giant was sent to kill Zin. Information of Zin drops off after this. The creatures that attacked yesterday had the touch of Zin. He thinks the City of Zin has been activated.

My wayfinder tuned to a door in the public spaces.

Scarab -
Bracers of Armor -
Gold jewelry – two bracelets, three rings, several necklaces – 12,000gp
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Ruminations #14: Master Thespian
Captain Blackskull/Maron was a master! After all of my years of training in the on and offstreet Circus, I have never seen better acting. It must run in Tyla's family's blood. I hope that one day I can be as convincing. I also wonder if Maron needs a new first mate... Seafaring does run in my blood after all.
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Smells good!
It smells good in the alley behind the Two Holes tavern, as a small crowd of hairy fellas congregate around a makeshift grill filled with tasty looking meat. There is tension in the air, but it's not just excitement for the unusual meal. These fellas though jovial are looking around like they may be doing something that could get them in trouble. But what trouble could there be in just eating some tasty skewers? Then you notice some pelts in the corner.. what kind of pelts are those? Are those rabbits? No, rabbits are grey, but those pelts have all sort of hues. Some are furry, some have just the shortest hair, what kind of animals are those? Then you notice the collar... and you understand. Nothing better to dispel the plague that has been affecting the crops than sacrificing some stray cats to the Rat God. But hey, are we to blame if we keep some for us as a reward for our efforts? I don't think so.
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Genet Fouts
Posted in Lankhmar
Captain Blackskull
Crops are failing because of a blight. Flossin has been researching a cure.
Vendle, the head servant, says lady Holkat is indisposed. He relays suspicion that I may be involved in Fiola’s death. He has spoken to Gybon and now thinks Fiola’s death is too “convenient” for me. Lady Holkat loses her only heir and I arrive to “comfort” her. I’m rather disappointed in Vendle’s change of heart. Especially after I spent so much money on a physiker to help the child of one of the staff. He even suggested that I was “just one of the staff” and should be under his oversight. I set him straight, but I will definitely have to keep my eye out for Vendle, as well as, Gybon.

Billy of the Thieves Guild take us to their hideout for a job. He says the job is “right up our alley”.

Captain Blackskull of the “Deeps Revenge” is wanted by the Thieves guild. The guild is willing to handsomely reward us for his capture. Blackskull’s ship made port this morning. Ricky knows of Capt. Blackskull and warns us that he is an intimidating figure -he has a skull and bones birthmark! Rumor is the captain is ruthless, mean, and nasty. Madam Bovrey says the captain isn’t welcome at the whore’s guild as he is cruel towards the girls. She suggests we try the “lesser” houses to see if he takes comfort there.

Pixie Leg tavern. Muron, first mate of the Deeps Revenge, hates the captain. She also respects and fears him. She will tell Lysa where he is tonight if she does a favor for her. Muron asks for Lysa to supply the crew with some fine food to celebrate onboard. If Lysa does this, Muron will tell her were the captain is. Muron asks Lysa to deliver some food and drink to the ship so the sailors can celebrate.

We find the food and drink at a closed shop. After knocking out the sleeping guard (Anya), we take the food and leave 164 rilks. After delivering the goods, Muron tells us the captain may be found at the Crooked Dagger on the corner of Murder Alley.

Muron asks if we know where to find Tyla. As soon as she mentions this odd request, we realize there is a striking resemblance between Tyla and Muron. Muron says that they are cousins.

We find Blackskull at the Crooked Dagger. Billy shows up with some of the thieves guild and takes the captain. We are rewarded, but not “handsomely”. Oh well, at least the Thieves guild has a good impression of us for what that is worth.
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