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Mirilda is holding me. Sh...
Mirilda is holding me. She’s strong. I’ve never seen her looking so confused. Every… everybody looks confused. Unsure. We’ve seen extraordinary creatures and endured and achieved the unimaginable, and I’ve never seen this kind of shock registered on their faces. Mirilda sets me down gently in the grass above the barrows. They stare at me, then look from one to another in unnerving silence. Meena tentatively touches my cheek with one finger. Tor looks skeptical. At length, Boudica whispers something about the wish, and Leon hides his eyes.

We make camp slowly and quietly, and I try to make sense of the moments between the unbearable, suffocating heat and opening my eyes to Mirilda’s face. After we settle in a bit, Boudica and Meena explain what happened. Meena claps Leon on the back, but he just sits quietly.

I owe everything to Leon. Who knows what he had planned for that wish? Maybe something for him and his beloved Ula. Maybe he lives in fear for her because she was taken before, and he wanted that wish in reserve, just in case.

Meena and Boudica ask me questions. I think they want me to say that I saw something beautiful. Went to a place where there is no concept of evil. A place where pain does not exist and we live forever in young, beautiful, strong, healthy forms. But there was nothing. Nothing happened from the time I…died to the time I awoke in Mirilda’s arms. Nothing. I could not have been more wrong when we were teleported and disembodied, and I believed I would be formless consciousness for eternity. If Leon hadn’t used his precious wish on me, I would be extinguished, just as our fire will be in the morning. I look into the 10 eyes trained on me, and in them I see a mixture of defeat, doubt, expectation, eagerness, and hope. We have much yet to do. If this was done to me, a skilled tracker with strength, magic, and friendship at my back, what would become of those in town? Beyond? We have no choice but to secure the tablet and close the pit. But how can we be expected to press forward if all is for naught? So, I do the only conscionable thing I can think to do. I lie:

“It was beautiful. And without any framework of time. I still cannot believe it was only a few minutes—I’m not sure you’ll ever convince me of that. I lived in the realm of Rillifane Rallathil. Giant oaks stretching as far as imagination would allow, and always spring. Every animal I ever loved dwelt there, and only in absolute harmony. The sun shone brightly every day, and when the land and the creatures became thirsty, we were gifted with a gentle rain. Not only were there no monsters or malevolence, there was no thought of it—no memory of it at all. It just simply did not exist in any way. There was only perfection . I cannot even say there was generosity and compassion, because to say so would suggest that there was a lacking somehow, a need for generosity and compassion, but there wasn’t. There was perfect equanimity.”
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remembering the dead
We're going to leave again tomorrow.

The Unchained have now been in Yroc's Harbor for a week, as we agreed when we nearly lost Boudica and we were all nearly killed. We're going back to the Barrow-maze, back to those labyrinthine halls and silent doors behind which lie hidden great heaps of treasure and glory. Back to those halls, which I cannot help remembering, were built originally to entomb the dead, the twists and turns and blind ends designed to confuse the progress of restless souls, to keep them from ever bothering us, the living.

Of course, it occurs to me that we are playing the sordid role of graverobbers, and of course it bothers me. I know that no one group of individuals is either entirely innocent or entirely wicked; I remember when several of our peoples' clans--including mine, the Clan of the Cormorant, and the nearby Snow Marten, Timber Wolf, and Lynx Clans--united against a common foe, the Red Warriors from the south. I was considered too young to fight in the field, as I was only ten summers at that time, and was tasked with defending our village. Our village was one of the farthest south and I remember seeing a band of the Red Warriors once, grotesque men with garish orange-painted faces topped with strange hairpieces of brown and rotting weeds. Inexplicably, they carried shields bearing what looked like a badly-painted mammoth, and they wore no shirts, displaying pasty, pockmarked chests slathered with more of the orange paint. Their dumpy appearances and complete disorganization in approaching the borders of our village made me wonder how they believed themselves qualified to run a skirmish, much less a campaign.

I am brought out of the fog of remembrance by a tender kiss upon my shoulder. 'Thea has awoken. I wonder briefly where she told her father she was staying last night, then banish it from my thoughts. She said it was not a problem, that she'd made up a suitable alibi, so I believe her. I just can't help wondering where and with whom her father would allow her to spend the night..? It's not like she's married, and so spends her night with her husband.

She smiles down at me, sleep still tugging at the corners of her eyes. "Good morning," she whispers, tentative perhaps that the morning light has changed my mind.

"Good morning, Beautiful." I grin recklessly back at her and we are lost in each other's eyes in the morning's promise.
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Testimony of Continuation
True Believers!

After rousing the Cleric of Knowledge and passing last rites over Ulcah of the Plains, I ventured forth into the inky cloud in search of the vile illusionist's throne.

Even in the pitch, I was able to find the chair, and promptly sat in its clutch, banging and tweaking and pressing for buttons. Anything to open an escape hatch. At long last I managed to wrench a panel from the rear. And groping in the dark recess laid my hands upon that which felt a key and scroll.

Exiting the black, I handed the scroll to the monk and bid him do what he will before the Sword of Consumption took the matter. Alas it was a map, to the very city we search for! The key fit a hidden lock and our exit was before us.

We slept at last as babes. But on my watch I heard a fair maiden's call. I tipped quietly ahead and was greeted not by a girl, but by an evil beast. Luck be on my side and it's death came quick.

Talltrees panthered and after half an hour we pursued. After miles of directionless wandering in the tunnel, we emerged on a volcanic hillside before an enormous city gate.

Our approach was in vain, for even in offering a bribe of nearly 100 gold, we were refused entry. Now back to the slums to hire an urchin to snag us these elusive passes.

Session: Game Session #122 - Wednesday, Apr 26 2017 from 10:00 PM to 12:30 AM
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So sorry I have a situation that is going to take at least the next 6-7 hours nothing drastic, work related. I won't make it tonight I am so upset :( also currently driving sorry for bad format
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Briddlethunkin's Log, Entry 3
Much has happened since my last entry.

Khonnair has been found and he is recovering. We are now focused on restoring the Flame.

It has become clear that this blue haired woman, an android from what I come to understand, has some purpose in the ancient vessel that we have yet to fathom. She has orchestrated the events here. I do consider the possibility that she is not the actual master of this scheme but as she is the most readily identifiable, we continue to look at her that way until the facts prove otherwise. We have not yet been able to ascertain the numbers we are dealing with.

I repaired the lift and we have reached the 'Engineering Deck' of the ship. We have begun to explore, looking for this woman and the source of the disruption to the Flame. I managed to open what appear to be the main doors and disable the security measures, but it was quite difficult. She gathered together a small force of ratfolk and orcs to aid and defend her. Once encountered these creatures showed no interest in discussion. They attacked with vigor and we were hard pressed to survive the encounter.

We now gather ourselves for whatever lies ahead and the answers we seek.
Session: #9 - The Engineering Deck - Tuesday, Apr 25 2017 from 7:45 PM to 11:15 PM
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