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Friday 24th of May
We put triceratops meat into Rum. Adele casts detect poison and finds some. Adele then continues to mix more thinks to look for poison. Flayer assists her.

Then we head out following tracks that we think might belong to the Nymph. We find her - Serafina - and her 3 water elementals. There is fascination, poison, and blindness. She is working for the "little man" who has her shawl. She has to do what he says while he has her shawl. It looks like running water. Her job is to keep us away while he does sabotage.

I make the party invisible (except Flayer). Flayer teleports back to the fort to try to thwart the little man.

I succumb to charm and drop the invisibiltiy. Sharky and Jeinko are blinded. Hanna casts fly on Jeinko. Hector leaves. Jeinko flys up and Sharky retreats. Hannah dies. Hannah is blind and down 4 constitution points and beat up.

Through a team effort, Jeinko and Hector manage to touch her for a breath of life and Hannah is no longer dead. The combat continues with all of us taking turns being poisoned and/or blinded and Hector uses healing surges well and usefully.

At last, enough of us can see to fly off leaving the Nymph behind. As we start to fly ogf KABOOOOOMMMMMM. There is an explosion on the Blood Moon. The Nymph announces that her work here is done, we should get her shawl and be friends.

I think Jeinko is really really low on con. Apparently this little man called Eel is out to get Avimar and/or cause bad blood between him and us so that we fail in our quest.

And this is where we leave our intrepid pirates.
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Posted in Deliverance
Session 8: Deceit, Drunkenness, and Debauchery in the Marble City: A Thane Illamin Adventure
I stood in horror, debased by the foul scent of treachery lingering on his sour and spoilt tunic. My friends, you are not alone in believing that all Aasimar are born like I, with a burning fire of morality in their chest. And yet, here I was, staring down a heralded hero of our own fine country and my own race, and he was nothing more than a blustering, bilious bastard who had intentions most foul for our crusade, our country, and the citizens of the Garden of Deliverance.

This Aldritch, was a many-faced, serpent-tongued, and hideous, eldritch horror of a man, for which he was probably named by a woe-struck mother at his birth, only repentantly changing the e to an A in the hopes that no one would catch the disgust she felt for her Rosemary baby. The other members of my party, save Fia and Hagar, were ensnared by their own charity of heart and did not see the malicious serpent lurking in his dark chamber of a, and I'm speaking generously here, soul.

Hagar, so enraged by the evils of Aldritch, stormed away from the tavern, and once I was able to speak to my friend Zaeshir, who had surely been bewitched by some foul power of the Aasimar, and found him willing to cut ties with the Devil in the White Clothes, I left the tavern with Fia to figure out a way to take down this mighty threat. Now my dear reader, I find some level of shame with the underhanded way in which we defeated Aldritch, but I share it with you so that you may know the story of a man whose fall was by the hand of his own sin. Fia and I did little more than to enable his own self-destruction.

Fia donned the disguise of the Cobalt Company's Shivalis, a mysterious half-elf of unknown power, who also had the unfortunate fate of being Aldritch's, surely unsatisfied, conjugal partner. After all, he shone for all of us, and I've definitely seen bigger rays of light. She then took him, along with the hopelessly in love Dorkuul, to the Smoking Camel, where, with the help of a kind young woman, I tricked Aldritch into getting more drunk than even he expected. Once I realized the situation was getting out of hand, Fia and I decided to part and split ways, and let things sort themselves out. However, after getting briefly lost in Aria's Promenade, I was shocked to find Aldritch, naked, afraid, and exactly as impotent as a serpent with its head circumcised, laying in an alley.

Curse my forgiving heart, and the unrelenting burn of love I feel in my chest every day, whose only antacid is the sweet tablet of charity, for I decided to expend my only packing horse to serve as a carriage to return the fallen Aasimar home. I hoped that whatever misfortunes he had incurred would teach him a proper lesson. But my unfailingly good nature was to be betrayed, as when my journeymen and I met with the Cobalt Company the next day, we were appalled to find out that Aldritch had attacked a man in cold blood, likely with intent to kill, briefly before I found him! I could hardly retain my tears as I watched the Emir and his men drag away Aldritch's last chance for redemption. What truly struck my emotions was that my good friend, so regularly an uncanny judge of character, was arrested as well, by association. So is fate, and so is why I always tell young people who follow in my sizable footsteps, never cheat, never lie, and always do the right thing, or you will be caught by men like me. And Fia. Well, technically the Emir.

A bright light at the end of Aldritch's tiny tunnel was discovering that the serpent was also a vile usurper of Hagar's past. For us in the party knew not at this time of how richly Hagar's noble blood ran. Hagar had been groomed to be the next leader of the most powerful house in Galmrun, but had been deposed by the charlatan and his tricks, so terrible in his dark deeds that Hagar had been risen to fury just by the sight of him. I was glad to know that Aldritch's fall, however terrible it is that any man must fall, would benefit such a grand, noble, and handsome man as Hagar. And let me tell you, unlike Aldritch, Hagar's penis is enormous.

Oh, also Midi couldn't cast a bard spell so she had to sell all of our best information and didn't run that by ANY OF US before doing it. Madam Wykeera wasn't very into Fia and I assisting in Aldritch's fall, but was kind enough to grant us her light assistance the following day when questioned on our whereabouts.
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Posted by the GM
Sword Coast and Beyond
Shenanigans and Supplies
17th of Flamerule thru 19th of Flamerule

Draythas, upon reaching town, seeks out Cappy to thank him for finding his maul. Ol' Helm Hammer means a lot to him. It isn't too hard to find him at Clancy's considering he is the only tiefling in town (plus... you know... the bad reputation). Cappy immediately wants to go back to the camp. He must find out what is in that cave! "Arrr! Me damn com-piss has to be there!"

Cappy takes the opportunity to slip out of the tavern when Dray "Eggsy" insists on teaching "Manners maketh Man" to a drunk at the bar.

The Tolly tracks down some supplies and paints with Elissa close by at all times. Most times. He does slip away to find... other items after he has a meeting with Leosin. Leosin wants Tolly to get the group together for a meeting. He needs to speak with them. Most of the group is easily found. Cappy, on the other hand, doesn't want to be found. There are rumors of shenanigans and debauchery that night, even a reported attempt to break into the Keep. Sounds like something Cappy would do, but no-one knows for sure. Actually, they are pretty sure it was Cappy that tried to break into the Keep. The guards escorted him to his room.

He woke the next morning to find a rock with a strange face painted on it and a brass compass on his bedside table.

When he found the rest of the group, Cappy discovered the monk wants them to go back to the camp. He insists on getting information about what is going in to and coming out of the cave. He will be heading to Entural soon. They should meet him there with information, if he isn't in Greenest when they return.
Session: Greenest Return - Monday, May 21 2018 from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
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Posted by the GM
Broken Reality
Cheiro Ruim
- Esse é o quinto! O quinto host em 2 semanas. Essas bestas estão se remexendo nos esgotos e resolveram que é hora da festa?

- E você tem certeza que ele está aqui?

- Sim. Eu segui os rastros. Aquele lodo é inconfundível, e o cheiro podre....

- Mas ele pode ter usado algo para despistar. Lembra que eles pegaram Carlyle assim?

- Sim, mas ele era um tolo impulsivo. Você acha que vou entrar ali e começar a levantar lixo? Vou ficar aqui. E se você enxergar algo daí você me avisa.

- Claro, mas esses hosts não estão aparecendo aqui.

- O que deixa tudo ainda mais estranho. Mas de qualquer maneira fica atento....mas o que é aquilo? Ta de sacanagem?! Isso é hora pra comprar droga seus imbecis?

- O que foi?

- Chegaram 3 caras. Estão esperando, drogas provavelmente. Tanto lugar mais seguro para conseguir essa porcaria. Esses......

- Calma, tudo isso que você faz, em essência, é para protege-los....

- ....ééééé, mas eles podiam ajudar, simplesmente não ATRAPALHANDO!!! Chegou mais um. Não consigo ouví-los. Nenhum sinal do host...

- Nada do host, mas tem emanações por aqui. Os 3 primeiros que chegaram estão marcados. E está chegando um aríete aqui!!

- Um aríete?! Que droga. Estacionou um carro agora, será que....Coisa boa não é. Por que diabos esse carro tem um aríete? E dois deles estão indo em direção ao carro. E essa marca....

- O que devo fazer?

- Drogadrogadrogadroga!!!

- Se esse aríete achar uma brecha vai causar estrago.

- Mas acho que ele está com o carro....

- Eu sei, mas 5 hosts em duas semanas e um aríete por aqui?

- Drogadrogadrogadrogadroga!!! Maldição Tyrish, por que você foi morrer?!?! Seria simples, eu ia atrás do aríete, você ficaria aqui até o host aparecer e....

- Desculpe....não é hora para lamentos e nostalgia, não acha?

- Tem razão. Estou recomposta. Foi apenas um momento de fraqueza!!! Eu sou maior que minhas fraquezas, sou mais forte que meus ossos.....você disse que 3 estão marcados?

- Sim. Um cheiro. No fim eles podem ser úteis, pois é cheiro de carniça. Se o host estiver ai, será atraído. E tem algo mais, você não consegue sentir?

- O que?

- A essência ao redor deles?

- Espere....não pode ser?

- Mas eu acho que é!

- Não pode ser! Eles morreram ou fugiram, não ficou ninguém. Há quanto tempo não vemos nenhum...

- Eu sei, mas você tá vendo, não tá? O fluxo se distorce por eles.....

- E ainda estão com essa outra marca?

- Sim, mas não é deles, foi colocada. Foi amarrada por alguém. Dá pra tirar, eu acho...

- Não, deixa por enquanto...Quem será que são?

- O Aríete está saindo.

- O QUE!? E carro está manobrando! Esse aríete é do carro!

- O que eu faço?

- Aaaaaaaaaaa! Siga ele, depois eu o encontro, eu vou esperar mais um pouco pelo host. Não tente nada, me chame se precisar. Fica de olho no cara marcado.

- Claro que não vou tentar nada, sou só um velho. *risos*.

- Cuidado Kamali.

- Cuidado você Lomasi! Esse host pode ser um príncipe.


Bem, agora sou eu e você seu rato imundo....e esses dois patetas. Bem, talvez vocês possam ser úteis....tudo bem, tudo bem. Só espero que não resolvam fritar tudo por aqui, esses loucos!!


O que esses caras estão fazendo parados ai? Devem estar esperando o outro. Mas são malucos. Ou são crescidos ou não sabem nada, são amadores!!! E foram marcados e nem sabem?! Mas por que isso agora? Os hosts, esses magos novatos e bem no caminho dos hosts com uma marca de podridão....AAAAAAA Finalmente! Você não ia aguentar não é mesmo, esse cheiro, esses dois apetitosos tolos....Isso....SAIAM DAÍ! Seus, seus, seus.....iiiiiisso. Agora, ratinhos, agora. Isso....Eu sou maior que minhas fraquezas, eu sou mais forte que meus ossos, eu sou uratha....AGORA!!!!
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Posted by the GM
Sword Coast and Beyond
Greenest Return
11th of Flamerule thru 16th of Flamerule

With the exhausted prisoners in tow, it takes twice as long for the group to return. Upon their arrival, the guard immediately questions the monk and attempts to take him into custody. "You turncoat! You will answer to the Governor for your decision to join forces with the raiders!" It is at this accusation that the prisoners rally to the monks defense. They convince the guard and the Governor of his innocence. It still isn't known how such a rumor could have started.
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