What started as a local festival in Daggerford had turned into something sinister as the group gets intertwined in local problems caused by a shadowy group, The Red Wizards of Thay.

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"Something about this just seems wrong"
Isteval leaned back in his favorite worn-leather morris chair. This was a spot that he found himself frequently. Isteval was far, both in time and distance, from the saddle of his trusty steed. Thinking back to those days often consumed Istevals evenings as the quiet around him gave way to the turmoil that still rolled within.

As he shifted his weight, his thoughts scoured over every detail brought back by this new band of adventurers. In them, he saw much of his own youth. Taking on great challenges and risks, achieving lofty heights and suffering the loss of many great friends and allies. But this was one of those times where there seemed to be something more. Pieces just did not fit. He watched Arvik Zoltos hang. He helped lower the body. Felt the weight of it and touched the tattoos with his own hands. The rituals that transpired that night made certain that no one would be coming back. The Reds were notorious for it so he had handled them personally. No, one thing was certain. Arvik Zaltos was dead. So who was this new imposter? Why must is be this way?

Is this simply the way of the world or was Isteval and this group different? These were the thoughts that enveloped him as dusk turned inexorably to dawn. As he felt the chill within his shattered leg begin to spread, he reached for a joss stick and his prayer beads. Aumanatur was one of the few who had never forsaken him. He gave him solace in his moments of trial. Perhaps he could provide some answers, or at the very least, some level of understanding that Isteval might better embody his principles.

Isteval lit the stick and started to work the beads in his hand. His thoughts began to calm and a flood of emotion washed over him. He didn't awake until it was nearly time for the days second meal.
Session: Game Session 27: THE MEGA SESSION - Saturday, Mar 22 2014 from 7:30 PM to 1:30 AM
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Nearly complete.
I've grown tired of carving these blasted rune circles. My abilities are worth much more. This is the kind of thing first or second year initiates should be doing. The next time I see Arvik, I'll explain how my talents are wasted at such things. Particularly with Uthgaar here. Together, we can accomplish much greater things than looking for some stupid hammer and propping up a stinking dwarven ruin. And what of these infernal dwarves? Mated with Orcs? The idea sickens me more than even the thought of relations with another human. How they must swallow their pride and oh, I would burn out my eyes for such a thought. And their children, always hanging around, clinging, asking for a bite of bread or a drink of water. If I have to tolerate their nearness much more, I'll simply erupt with the energies I've been storing the past few weeks. Ah, yes, perhaps I should use those energies to consume the souls of the children and make them my undead servants. That will show Arvik my value. He loves twisted displays of power. Just look at these 3 halfbreeds, staring aimlessly, mindlessly, not even looking me in the face, but over my shoulder, almost like there's something behind.....AGHGHGHGHHH!!!H!!!! Huhcough huhg spahaa............
Session: Game Session 21: So Many Dworcs - Friday, Feb 07 2014 from 10:15 PM to 1:15 AM
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Heerrrreeeee's Scratches
Day soooo strange. Could not find scratches. All day and night I look for scratches. Where is scratches? I cry. I bath, make clean. Cry more make feel better bath cry. And then strangers bring scratches! Scratches back. Then scratches gone! Scratches! I look everywhere for scratches. Finally find scratches hiding on dark stairs. I tell scratches again, you no go up stairs, filthy Dwarves up there. Dwarves no like scratches. Scratches, you got bigger? I love you scratches.
Session: Game Session 20: The Poop Episode - Friday, Jan 24 2014 from 10:15 PM to 1:15 AM
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No words can really descr...
No words can really describe how it feels to be back in my own body. I will forever hesitate before looking in a strange mirror.
My new friends seemed to have been busy while I was gone. They regaled me with a tale of a fight with orcs complete with a greasy, tumbling bear and a halfling jumping on exceedingly strong arrows. I'm not sure I would have believed it if I hadn't seen the carnage for myself.
As we continued our quest, we came across a sleeping group of orcs. They appeared to have just finished some sort of strenuous duty. Varis suggested that Dradar finish them off in their sleep, but Lyric figured a knockout potion would be good enough. Dradar agreed and put enough potion in their drinks for them to be out for a good part of the day. What he did next isn't worth recording.
We moved on and heard something big in the next room and decided stealth was the best plan. Choosing a different route we walked down a long hallway and stopped to listen. I was too distracted by Rose's unladylike behavior to hear some sobbing coming from a room further down. Before finding the source of the weeping, we found a room with an alter in the shape of an anvil with ruins all over the walls. Varis told us these ruins would keep anyone from being able to teleport in or out. I thought about getting a hammer to hit the Anvil and immediately got a headache. Roadblock apparently had the same idea because he soon cried out in pain as well. Upon further inspection of the alter, we were able to figure out that a very unique hammer was used on this alter. We then decided to learn the source of the crying.
Upon inspection we found a large Orc/Ogre named Lump sitting in a tub while lamenting the loss of his pet rat named "Scratches". My heart immediately went out to him. I have always loved animals. While growing up I was despised for the color of my eyes among the drow and I was met with suspicion when other races saw the color of my skin. Animals don't see me that way. It would be wonderful to have an animal companion that could follow me into my adventures like it appears this Scratches did with Lump. I have heard of wizards who have made such a deep connection with a creature that they could read each other's minds. Maybe one day I could have kind of familiarity with an animal.
I was trying to think of a way to comfort Lump when I noticed Varis, Lyric and Dradar were whispering together. Varis turned Lyric into a rat and Dradar put some notches in his ear. I'm not sure anyone else could hear the squeal, but it was terrible. Dradar brought Lyric the rat to Lump and I had to turn away because Lump's response was to hug and then clean Dradar in his tub.
After clothes were put back on we questioned Lump about the Earth Key. He didn't give us much information except that he told us he gave it to someone the other party members thought to be dead. They told me later that they had already been fooled by a shapeshifter, and this powerful foe was probably at the bottom of this whole mess.
After we had gotten everything we could from Lump we left to explore more and Lyric turned back into a halfling. I felt bad for deceiving Lump. He is going to be distraught when he realizes he lost his rat again.
We found a room with three statues in it. Two dwarves and a strange looking Orc. One of the dwarves was holding a replica of the hammer we are looking for. At least we will recognize it when we see it now.
As we moved on we heard ahead of us the sounds of orcs training (at least, that is what Roadblock said it was) and we decided to follow a dark stairway we had found earlier. Lyric went first, but before heading up the stairs, he asked me to teach him some drow sign language. I don't know much myself, but I gave him some basics. I will just make up the rest later.
At the top we found a large ruin that was probably being built to hold up an unstable wall. In the first room we found some dwaorc children. We ignored them and kept moving. Later we found a room that had some stores in it. We saw some big rats and someone threw something at one to knock it out. I decided to notch the ear and take it to the bottom of the stairs we had just walked up. That way Lump could find his rat again. I don't think he will be able to tell the difference... he didn't seem very bright. When I got back the group was inspecting a vault that was imbedded in the rock. The vault required a special coin to unlock it. We later found the coin in Lump's room and inside the vault was some aged Dwarf Ale. I was hoping it would contain the hammer, but, we have much left to explore. I wonder if Lump found that rat I left him?
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The other side
What has happened to me?!
What is this pale, flabby body I seem to be stuck in?
Oh no! I'm no longer female! The ultimate curse for a She-Drow. I would wager my sister is somehow behind this vile plot. No doubt a punishment for turning my back on Lolth. Curse her name forever!
I'm suddenly overcome with strange urgings to consume large quantities of grilled meat and strange crunchy sticks covered in orange powder. The noisy bag containing them says "Cheetos". Since this seems to be a punishment from that hated spider queen I think I will indulge just to SPITE HER!
This human family that I appear to belong to seem harmless enough. But, I will have to do my best to play along because it appears that they follow a very powerful God and I don't need any extra trouble. I just need to get back.
The littlest human has shoved a magical white "controller" (that is what he called it) with colerful buttons inscribed with the letters x, a, b, and y on them. He is requesting to play "Sky-Landers". I have no idea what he is talking about but I will do my best.
All I know now is that I need to find a large body of water...

My what a strange world I am in.
My "wife" informed me that we were going on a journey to visit her new niece. When I found out how far away her family lived I assumed the journey would take a day or two. But these machines they ride in are very efficient. What would take days on foot is accomplished in mere hours.
On our journey we went through a small city called York. A very strange structure appeared in the distance before we arrived. When I asked her what it was she gave me a look that made me assume I should know what it was and simply said, "the water tower".
I thought it best to not keep asking questions to keep her from becoming suspicious. When I asked if we could take a closer look she didn't seem interested. But after a moment she mentioned something called star bucks and we pulled over.
I believe I have found the source of water needed return to my own body. I am not used to being this tall. However, one upside to this man's body are his eyes. I can stand fully in the sun without my goggles. I feel a connection to Helm and Lethander that I have never known before.
Next to secure the correct runes for the ceremony.

While on my way to pick up a specialized cheese for a dish they call peetza, I saw a sign with some unique characters. Wondering if these could be the runes I need for my return I went inside to investigate. A friendly human named Jess gave me a folded piece of paper with a list of the goods and meals they offer (and more of the characters I had seen on the sign).
She also gave me a specially wrapped pair of sticks that I believe will come in handy when I am drawing out the ruins.
It appeared that there were some humans waiting to order so I bowed on my way out and thanked them for their patience while they waited behind me.
Now. I need some soft sand or dirt. I will have to wait until daylight to continue my search. Luckily for me this family group is friendly. And I have to admit, this new baby human is very precious.

Last night I learned something interesting about this world. They have heard of Drow! There are tales and books about orcs, halflings, and dragons even though these beings don't appear to exist on this plane.
My host for the evening invited a tall, bearded man to spend the evening with us and they talked about a mission they were going on the next day. They pulled out the very same dice needed to complete my ritual and spent an hour or so rolling them, talking about different stats, and writing them down. (If only I had found some soft dirt or sand I could have finished the ritual right there and then!)
I wasn't sure how this bald man was going to suddenly become a warlord without any formal training (and I have no idea what being "level 1") means, but they seemed confident this rolling and stat recording would be sufficient.
All I know is FINALLY I could join in the discussion without raising their suspicions about who I really was. I was able to pull from my experience as an adventurer and they were grateful for my advice. Hopefully they won't be killed in their mission tomorrow, but perhaps my being there last night will give them a fighting chance.
The new day brought with it a change in weather. Where it was cool yesterday, today it is cold and very windy. It may cause me some issues as I continue the ritual to get home because I need soft dirt to write the runes in.
Due to the added difficulty of the wind I decided it was worth the risk to confide in my host. He is friendly enough and he seemed to understand a bit more about my world then I would have thought. As I told my tale he reacted better then I could have imagined. He accepted my plea for help and offered to be my guide. He took me to a field with soft dirt and I wrote out my ruins.
It was cold, but By the end I was satisfied with my work. I offered to erase the ruin after the magic had faded. He said to leave it because he thought people would believe it was the work of something called the Laotain Gang. If it wasn't so cold I would have inquired more about this gang that apparently understands something about magic, but I was ready to get indoors.
Next I asked him if I could use the special dice they were rolling last night for the final part of the ritual. I was disappointed to learn those dice belonged to the bearded man. But, luckily enough he said he needed to purchase a set to use for his adventure that evening. I wonder if these strange dice hold some magical power to make a mere man into a worrier with just a roll. I must remember to ask Veris if he has ever read anything about these magical dice.
We got back to my host's home and we had a small snack to help me gather my strength before the final phase of the ritual. He offered me some more peetza, but this time in the form of little rolls. I learned the hard way that they are not necessarily filled with peetza but with molten lava. This human will be left with a burn on his tongue.
But, my attention is now drawn to the final task. I have grown fond of these humans and I do wish them the best...but I am anxious to get back to normal. Time to manipulate these dice just right with the sticks I used to create the runes. I know it won't be easy because these large hands are fairly clumsy, but it is my only chance to get home.
Farewell strange world! I will probably attempt to create peetza (NOT the rolls) next time I am in Daggerford!
Merdiira Do'tlar
Session: Game Session 19: 0 for 16 - Friday, Jan 17 2014 from 10:15 PM to 1:15 AM
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