The is the serialized campaign of interconnected one shots for our main group to play when multiple members are missing but we still want to get together. The adventures tend to be 1st edition AD&D or Basic D&D and we're running them using Adventurers! Microlight rule system that is a complete ruleset in 2 pages.

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GenCon opener Yowsa!
The heroes happen upon the small town of Saffira. They find out that the new mayor, Krasniy the Red has taken over and is raising taxes and allowing his guard to run rampant over the townsfolk, most notably by taking free baked good from the local bakery. Well, they've had enough and they beseech the heroes to step in. Boy do they! They investigate the townhall and discover a secret trapdoor leading to the bakery and the secret home of Krasniy. They fight a large group of his guards and eventually catch Krasniy trying to escape. An epic battle is fought that ultimately collapses the house in burning rubble upon Krasniy, freeing the hamlet to once again prosper.
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Greyhawk (core setting) (1st)
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