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"Behold the future! Behold the Thalmor!"

  • In 4E 22 The High Elves assassinated the leaders of the Summerset Isles and took over renaming it Alinor. They then annexed Valenwood on the pretext of protecting the wood elves from Khajiit incursions from Elsewyr. They then attacked and conquered Elsewyr. The lands belonging to them became known as the Aldmeri Dominion. 35 Years ago The ambassador of the Aldmeri Dominion came to the court of the Emperor with an ultimatum and a cartload containing the heads of his Blades agents.
  • For four bloody years the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion waged all-out war. The war was extremely costly. Finally a truce was signed, called the White-Gold Concordat.
  • Current state of the provinces:
  • o The Empire consists of the provinces of High Rock, Skyrim and Cyrodiil.
    o The Aldmeri Dominion controls Alinor, Valenwood and Elsewyr.
    o Morrowind has largely been destroyed and Black Marsh is an independent nation controlling southern Morrowind.
    o Hammerfell has seceded from the Empire and stands alone against the Aldmeri Dominion.
  • Five ago years the brothers and sisters of Skyrim fought each other in a civil war over the right to their worship of Talos vs. protecting the White-Gold Concordat. This was known as the Stormcloak Rebellion. The Stormcloaks were put down but the war revealed the cracks in the Empire as fostered by the Aldmeri and the terms of the truce.
  • Dragons have returned to Tamriel.
  • The White-Gold Concordat stipulates a truce in The Great War, the dissolution of the Blades organization, & the free range of Thalmor agents to travel The Empire to root out Talos worshipers and seditionists.

On Morndas the 10th of Midyear in 4E 206 in the town of Stornhall

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Riala's Journal #32
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Dawn and Dusk: The 9th of Frostfall, 4E 206

Spoken eloquently by Talan in his reading at the celebration in Sentinel, these words continue to inspire and center me in the greater cause of our actions as we emerge from the first real battle of this war:

“Be as dawn to your ally and dusk to your foe.”

Truly, we are both. The gathering of allies, artifacts, and knowledge have finally led us to this place, once thought of as a goal, but now understood as merely the beginning of a much larger task, that of all out war. We enter this new phase of our mission with recently gathered allies here, finally, in the place known as Battle Spire.

Upon our entry into this realm we were met by an army of men and women in dark robes with blue crescent symbols, the Shadow Legion, the legend becoming real before our eyes. Identifying ourselves as friend, we were recognized as such by Velsa Andrano the High Battle Mage. Once hearing the declaration that “The Shadow Legion stands ready to defend the White Gold Tower and all it surveys,” I stood forth to declare our mission and need of their assistance.

Nine hundred years had passed for those that were trapped in this realm during the Oblivion Crisis, two hundred by the measure of time in Skyrim, and some time was needed to meet and exchange information and learn from each other the events that had transpired during the separation of peoples. We were quickly tasked with a rescue mission that could save some of their folk being held hostage in an area of their realm known as the Greenlands, held by an Altmir called Muredok who ruled over them. Should we succeed, this mission would help the families to be reunited and would serve to gain their trust as allies in the war against the Dominion. Our acceptance of this mission gained us a fortuitous but complicated revelation as well.

Our guide to the Greenlands was to be a man by the name of Adamis Septim! Known for some time in Tamriel to be broken, the line of Septims stood before us alive and well, having been trapped here unknown to anyone on the outside…and raising questions in our minds about who the legitimate emperor really is! We quickly decided that our task was not to answer that question here and now, but to continue with our predetermined aims and leave that to sort itself out at a later date. Adamis Septim was an invaluable ally to be sure, and key to a successful rescue.

In the end we traveled through the Greenlands to do battle once more, at a fortress upon a cliff, against Thalmor and “winged twilight” guards. The success of our rescue gained us 200 blue crystals, soul shards of those born in the Greenlands as well as relatives of some of the folk back at Battle Spire. Carefully storing the precious shards we now make our way back to the Shadow Legion with blessed news.Divines be praised!
Riala Rindalore
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Somewhere in Cyrodiil
The small wings had hummed a tune, one tune for nearly forty years yet tonight they were agitated, the tune strained and unraveling. Prophet Nermus had moved from the Temple of the Moth Halls to the Shrine of the Moth to hear them more clearly. The journey was all within the Temple of the Ancestor Moths but it was made long because of his age and blindness. At the shrine of the Moth the moth’s tune became discordant and then ceased all together. He listened to the silence for some time. Gradually the only sound he heard was his own heartbeat, getting louder and louder in his ears.

“Prophet Nermus?” he heard a voice say.

His throat caught for a moment so absorbed in the sound of the heartbeat was he. He swallowed and cleared his throat.

“What is it Brother Maro?” Prophet Nermus replied.

The scroll, the one that Reader Salvianus was studying. It changed! It changed as he was studying it! Exclaimed Brother Maro.

“And what words does the Elder Scroll show now?” asked Prophet Nermus unsurprised.

“It is the passage, the one about the red diamond, the amulet of kings,” said Brother Maro. Then he recited the new passage.

“A red stone like hardened fire
Held close by the bastard sired
A crown falls in the white eagle's wake
The heart of Akatosh one will take
To renew the line & save us all
The Chim-el Adabal.”

There was complete silence in the Shrine of the Moth. Brother Maro stood waiting expectantly but saying nothing.

Finally, Prophet Nurmus responded, “Have a message sent by dreamsleave to Chancellor Ocato immediately. Something has happened. May the nine preserve us all! Here, take my hand. I’ll walk with you and recite the message to be sent.”
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Riala's Journal #31
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Dragon Force: Turdas the 5th of Frostfall, 4E 206

Arriving in Sentinel on a day of celebration, we have much to celebrate indeed. Much has been learned and many victories have been realized since my last entry. Thank the divines! We have a chance now at overcoming the Thalmor and seeing freedom and peace reign in the Empire.

As good fortune would have it the snow elves and Thalmor we encountered turned on each other. Nothing much was left of them when we arrived in their camp. Battle avoided is always, in my mind, a gift, and one that I am most grateful for. The artifact Jo’Rak procured came to be understood as a key to a shadow gate, one that the Thalmor had stolen from the Dragonstar shadow mages before we encountered them. We, in turn, caused its liberation and the return of the key to the mage’s tower in Dragonstar - in our possession.

Once there we entered the tower to do battle with the remaining shadow mages. Trevel, the former teacher of our friend Kalarus had entered there before us with a powerful artifact and two prisoners of renown from Hammerfell. Upon freeing the tower, an encounter that almost lost us Kalarus once more, we learned the prisoners were Talan’s dear father and the High King of Hammerfell, Talan’s uncle! We healed their wounds immediately and made their acquaintance while Talan entered a doorway that led to the Hall of the Virtues of War, the familiar bastion of his training days. He emerged some time later in possession of a powerful orb, the Opal of Nogru, the last piece we needed in our quest to launch a successful campaign against the Thalmor by opening the way to Battlespire. Yet this wasn't the only avenue of strategy open to us.All friendly parties then met back at the Dancing Hound to launch a plan.

Unleashing dragons never entered my thoughts or my dreams before that day, yet that was exactly what we planned to do. We learned of the Thalmor fleets, hundreds strong, threatening off the coasts of Hammerfell and High Rock. My home of Wayrest itself was under siege. My long lost teacher and friend, Master Shelani was leading the resistance, but the threat was growing stronger every second. Hope would depend, at least in part, on my willingness to call in a favor, to travel to the Throat of the world and learn from Parthenex the way to call on the aid of dragons. The dragons certainly could demolish the fleet. But would they help us, or unleash their fury in our direction instead? Jo’Rak and Yngvar accompanied me on this mission. We journeyed to the Throat of the World.

Parthenex instructed my actions, leading me into a reverie of sorts, where I blew the horn that called forth the dragons. Shouting the words he gave me upon their arrival, I felt the entire mountain shake as the dragons came forth. Arriving from every direction they flew to the Throat of the World. I wondered what the townspeople in Whiterun and Iverstead below were thinking as they witnessed the sight! Parthenex showed the dragons a vision of the past to encourage their cooperation – of Thalmor calling forth Alduin, the mightiest of dragons, to do their bidding and wage destruction on the world. This angered them as they had no knowledge of this treachery. They were more than willing to join forces and help us destroy the Thalmor fleet.

Riding Parthenex to the sight of the battle, while Jo’Rak and Yngvar rode the back of Na Falar, I marveled at the sights below us. Over vast lands, sand dunes, and the sea we flew with our army of dragons, finally soaring and swooping to attack. Fire and frost were our weapons and the fleet suffered unimaginable losses. Ships disappeared into the sea as shouts from below signaled dismay and death. We were victorious and circled the site amid dragon roars as the battle came to a close. The dragons flew off when there were no more Thalmor to devour. Parthenex and Na Falar delivered us safely to rejoin our party. It was a time I will not soon forget.

Much is owed to the assistance of our wild and powerful allies. We remember the loss of a dozen of them with gratitude in our hearts. We'll not be able to call on them again, but we hold onto hope as we arrive this day in Sentinel with tales to tell, and meet our friends for the celebration of Dirij Tereur.

Riala Rindalore
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Riala's Journal #30
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
War and Hope: Loredas, the 30th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

War continues to unravel around us all, and as it does we find ourselves greeted with discoveries and revelations unimagined. Danger and death both lie in our path and seem to threaten our every move. But as we pursue hope for the empire the divines seem to be with us, leading us to uncover the movements and plots of our enemies and discover new ways to strengthen our stand against them. Ever since the discovery of treachery by the Thalmor toward the Emperor so blatantly displayed and, thankfully, thwarted at the wedding in Solitude, we have known that full war was upon us, and it seems we are on a desperate race to fortify and strengthen our ability to prevail. So our party continues to travel and fulfill our duties, large and small, facing whatever unexpected challenges come our way. Our tasks send us off from each other from time to time, but always we return to share information and join together in our efforts.

I left my party recently while on their way to travel from Markarth to Dragonstar. There is much information to gather and share with the mages of the empire, so frequent visits to the College of Winterhold and the Mages Guild seem to be in order. No doubt they will have a significant role to play in the war. We have secured two of the three Greater Welkynd Stones needed to gain access to Battle Spire. These are kept by the mages in a secure location. In addition, I also relocated Kalarus’ sigil stone to the care of Tolfdir for safe keeping.

Upon my return to the company after my most recent excursion I found myself joining the party near a cave entrance. The area was strewn with bodies shot with unusual arrows…topped by blue glass arrowheads. We’d not seen anything like it before and wondered who the assailants could be and whether we would encounter them. Our guide, Julag, then led us onward… a hazardous journey fraught with ice wraiths and dangerous crevasses, but no enemies as of yet. As we set up camp for the night Yngvar and Julag scouted around and took notice of campfires in the distance. Jo’Rak used his special abilities to spy on the camp, leading to incredible happenings and revelations. The camp was peopled by Thalmor and creatures that seemed to be, from Jo’Rak’s description, the blue-skinned snow elves of ancient legend! Furthermore, he reported that the two groups were meeting to discuss alliance, but some conflicts between them were evident. In the conversation it was further revealed that it was the blue elves that caused the wave of magick that nearly destroyed Winterhold, an occurrence that was often blamed on the mages over the years. Jo’Rak absconded with some undisclosed wealth I’m sure, but also returned with an artifact in hand, one in which I can sense extreme magick. I wonder what this artifact is and if it could be made use of in place of the Greater Welkynd Stone we have been searching for? These questions must soon be brought to the mages and discerned. Any use of powerful magick must be carefully coordinated for optimum effect and minimal risk. An accidental misappropriation of power could cause untold calamity, and hinder the cause of the empire. I will carefully consider the purpose of this new artifact. I have every hope that, with the careful use of the gifts we’ve been given, and the grace of the divines, our quest to aid the empire will succeed!

Riala Rindalore
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Riala's Journal #29
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Abomination: Fredas, 6th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

The abomination, Krozhildilon, is no more! Once in the Reach we fought our way through Foresworn, briar hearts, hag ravens and giants, entering an underground Dwemer ruin below a tower. When finally we neared the cavernous lair our nostrils were filled with the stench of scorched remains. And then we heard it, a roar reverberating from the deepest reaches of its dark soul. The sound shook me to the core, filling me with a cold dread. Through the inspiring encouragement of Talan we continued to move forward..…and then we saw it, perched atop a wall, dark and ominous, threatening all who dared come near - the dragon - fierce, undead and powered by a briar heart. Burnt remains were strewn before it and it turned its attention our way, glaring with eyes dark and glistening.

I sensed that it knew not only that we were there but, more specifically, that I was there and it shook me to recall the Greybeards’ teaching; care was to be taken in the killing of dark dragons whose souls must not be absorbed. Duty called me to continue on, to help kill this abomination, and then quickly move far enough away not to let its dark mind enter mine. How would I be able to do this? What distance is safe? Past absorptions had happened apart from any exercise of will on my part, and without warning. I’d not had the opportunity to track the timing of occurrences once the dragons were stilled, and it had been a long time indeed since the last dragon battle. Unnerved, I began to tremble and wanted to run. Suddenly, Jo’Rak lunged forward toward the dragon with a bold barrage of arrows. Startled out of my ramblings of the mind by his decisiveness, I shook off my trepidation and fell into the familiar cadence of battle.

Resolve regained, I cast aid upon all who were near me as well as myself. Ever courageous Talan transported himself directly to the back of the dragon, effectively attacking from behind. I then moved forward and let loose with a fury of lightning strikes. Somewhere along the way I noticed that something was amiss with Yngvar. In his wolf kind alternate state, he had always been able to recognize friends, but this time his eyes had turned fully black and he was heading to attack not the dragon, but Talan. It seemed he was being controlled by the dragon, as was our guide Fenrick. As fortune would have it, Kalarus, the target of Fenrick, also noticed what was happening and, transporting nearer to the dragon, set paralysis on them both. Then, in a rush of magical energy, successfully cast entangle upon the horrid beast as well. The end finally came as Jo’Rak finished what he started, raining arrows to bring on the dragon’s ghastly end and dying roar.

In the quiet moment that followed I was abruptly reminded of my previous dread regarding the dragon’s demise as the air around me began to swirl. Talan quickly interceded, transporting himself between me and the dragon’s wandering soul, repelling its energy with his swords. He shouted for me to run and run I did, safely avoiding the absorption of the dark creature’s mind. Kalarus, happily unafraid of the things of darkness, moved close to the corpse to harvest its briar heart and discovered it also was being powered by a Hist tap root. In spite of Kalarus’ wish to harvest and keep the root, I had to destroy it. Fenrick, once he was released from paralysis and the dragon’s control, was able to convey to us the wishes of the Hist to do so. The Hist will no doubt be relieved and grateful to learn the root has been dealt with. I find I am finally also relieved, and grateful as well, for Talan and our friends. Danger is always so near, but so too, I find, is courage.

Riala Rindalore
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